Café Remodel Captured Using BAC2000 and TLC2020 Cameras: Featured Business Stay By Coffee and Bar

Café Remodel Captured Using BAC2000 and TLC2020 Cameras: Featured Business Stay By Coffee and Bar

📍Asia_The personable Achi owns Stay By Coffee & Bar, a small coffee shop...

The personable Achi owns Stay By Coffee & Bar, a small coffee shop located near Hsinchu Station that specializes in creating community one cup of coffee at a time. Achi likes to get to know everyone who enters his café and creates a comfortable environment where visitors get to drink specialty drinks at an affordable price. With coffee sourced from around the world, the beans are roasted to perfection in-house. The café provides a moment of tranquility where customers can escape from their busy lives.

This summer Achi decided it was time to remodel the café and upgrade the appliances. The café had started to look outdated and everything needed a bit of fixing up. He also decided to start serving cocktails in the evenings which would require building a bar. The addition of a long wooden bar would not only be an attractive design feature but also function as a great place to serve drinks and chat with customers.

In order to document the project, Achi decided to use two different Brinno time lapse cameras to capture the entire project from start to finish. Both a narrow angle BAC2000 and a wide angle TLC2020 camera were set up side by side. Though the two cameras were set up in the same location their different lenses provided different perspectives. With the TLC2020 a broad view onthe construction was captured with the 118° wide angle lens whereas with the 69° view angled BAC2000 the footage was framed focused in on the wooden bar.


Brinno time lapse cameras provide a modern solution to documenting construction projects. In the past the only way to document a project involved taking individual photos of each construction stage. You would not only have to physically visit the construction site but would also need to manually take the photos. Achi wanted to be able to record the project hands-free, which is what led him to Brinno.  

Setting up a Brinno time lapse camera is easy. After selecting your capture interval and schedule you are good to go. Brinno cameras do all the photography work for you. The BAC2000 and TLC2020 cameras even come with a Quick Menu option with preset film settings based on your filming scene. Preset scenes include everything from Short Indoor Construction to Detailed Craftwork. At the end of your recording the Brinno time lapse camera auto-processes captured images into a ready to share video.

Now that the remodeling project is over, Achi plans to share the time lapse footage on the Stay By Coffee social media pages including their Facebook and Instagram. A compilation time lapse was also created using a combination of footage from both the BAC2000 and TLC2020 cameras. By editing the video with a combination of footage the finished video is eyecatching and engaging, meaning it is able to better support with the café’sonline marketing efforts.


Wide angle lens creates a broad viewed time lapse video(TLC2020)
Narrow angle lens keeps filming subject framed(BAC2000)
Get hands-free project documentation with Brinno timelapse
Combining footage from multiple cameras makes good marketing content


Stay By Coffee is located in Hsinchu,Taiwan - follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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