TLC2020 vs. BAC2000 – How to Choose?

TLC2020 vs. BAC2000 – How to Choose?

When searching for the perfect camera to film a time lapse of your project it can be hard to determine what you need...

When searching for the perfect camera to film a time lapse of your project it can be hard to determine what you need. Researching online, reading reviews and comparing specifications can be confusing and overwhelming. Brinno has made a name for itself as the go to provider of time lapse solutions and with the new BAC2000 Versatile Camera Bundle creating engaging videos of your projects has never been simpler.

Upon first glance, the TLC2020 and BAC2000 look like the same camera, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. TheTLC2020 comes with our standard wide angle lens whereas the BAC2000 has a special narrow angle lens with an adjustable focus distance. True to its name the BAC2000 provides timelapsers with filming versatility that is unachievable with the TLC2020. Equipped with a 69° narrow angle lens, the BAC2000 allows you to perfectly frame your scene and truly showcase your work.

To address the dynamic nature of your projects the BAC2000 lens also enables you to easily adjust the camera’s focus distance. Simply rotate the Easy Twist Lens to one of our four present focus distances to accommodate your filming needs. Unlike the TLC2020, with the BAC2000 it’s easy to capture close-up details of your projects and the smallest focus available is an impressive 20cm (7.9”). You can quickly adjust your lens and move your camera around your project as needed.



Comparing the specifications for theTLC2020 and BAC2000, one thing that stands out is the difference in focal length. The focal length of a camera is what determines how close to the camera the captured scene appears, the higher the number the more targeted and detailed your images will be. For example if you set up the TLC2020 and BAC2000in the same position and take a photo of the exact same scene, because the focal length of the BAC2000 is larger it will capture an image that appears closer and as a result it is easier to create a perfectly framed time lapse.

Because the TLC2020 provides a wide or broad view of your scene and a non-adjustable focus distance, it is perfectly designed for long-term filming. Set a TLC2020 up high and have it record a timelapse of your project from start to finish. The TLC2020 performs best in environments where you need to capture a wide scene and there is no need to focus in on intimate details.

With the BAC2000 you are given the flexibility to showcase various stages of your work. Have the camera follow you around your project and adjust the focus distance as needed to capture everything from demolitions to finishing touches. The narrow view angle and adjustable focus distance allows you to get up close and personal to your work. Show off your team’s skills whether it’s woodworking or tiling, the BAC2000 has a setup option for that.

On a jobsite there is room for both the TLC2020 and BAC2000. The filming advantages of both cameras can be used to create a complete documentation of your project. Feature your project overall using the TLC2020 and use the BAC2000 to showcase your individual team members' talents. Footage from both cameras can be edited together to create an in-depth showcase of your project. 

Creating videos from footage captured on multiple cameras, set up with different angles, creates more dynamic videos that can be shared with clients or used on social media. The more dynamic the video, the more likely content with be shared or engaged with.

Don’t let your hard work go unappreciated. Brinno’s Versatile Camera Bundle offers endless opportunities for showcasing your projects and is a great standalone camera as well as being used in collaboration with the TLC2020.