Showcase with Time Lapse! BAC2000

Brinno Versatile Camera BundleNarrow Angle Lens + Adaptable Mount Kit

An Upgraded Filming Experience

The TLC2020 camera and BAC2000 might look similar but looks can be deceiving.
Powerful and adjustable, BAC2000’s special narrow angle lens gives you more control and filming flexibility
than the traditional TLC2020 lens. Don’t just film your projects, showcase them.
With the BAC2000 create more precise time lapse videos that target in on important sections of your work.

More than just a camera

Brinno’s versatile camera bundle offers endless opportunities for showcasing your projects.
Don’t let your hard work go unappreciated. This all-purpose bundle equips you with the tools needed to create brilliant time lapses.

Easy to use

All your energy can be put on your work! No need to worry about fixing settings, battery life, or figuring out how to fasten the camera in the ideal position.

No editing needed

Time lapse videos are automatically generated, meaning no time is wasted editing footage and it can be shared instantly.

Compact and light weight

The bundle comes with a specially designed carrying case that is convenient for traveling.

Narrow Angle Lens

Perfectly Frame your Scene

Eliminate outside distractions with the 69° narrow angle lens. With a narrow view of your scene have more control of what you feature in your time lapse. Film with a targeted view and cut the sideline from your footage.

Filming projects from a distance

Detail oriented work

Tight spaces

Small teams

What’s the difference?

Traditional Brinno Lens

Provides a broad view of scene.

Wide Angle(118°) / Focal Length: 19mm


Powerful Features at your Fingertips

Narrow Angle Lens

Adaptable Mount Kit

Capture Theme Menu

Multiple Filming Modes


Long Lasting Battery

Adaptable Mount Kit

The tool of choice for designers and builders alike. Inspired by the diverse filming needs of Brinno users, the Versatile Camera Bundle has been designed with full customization in mind. The camera, lens, and adaptable mount kit can be easily adjusted to meet your unique filming needs.

Capture Theme Menu

We don’t expect you to be time lapse experts, that’s our job. We’ve created an easy to use quick menu that allows you to select your film settings based on the scene you are filming. From Indoor Construction to Construction Site Security, we have you covered.

Easy Time Lapse

With Brinno’s one-button time lapse, instantly create full HD videos that are ready to share. Condense hours of work into a short clip that features all your hard-work.


The schedule setting allows you to set up specific filming times that match up with your regular working schedule so that you never miss a shot.

Long Lasting Battery

Set it and forget it technology. Long lasting battery allows you to stay focused on your work without a battery life countdown looming over you. When you finish recording, the time lapse video is automatically generated, meaning no time is wasted editing footage and it can be shared instantly.


Model NO. BAC2000
Lens BCS039
Do not remove or change the lens - it is NOT interchangeable.
Image Sensor HDR & FHD sensor
Aperture F2.2
Focal Length 6 .0 mm (Actual)
39mm (35mm equivalent)
Field of View 69° (D)
Focus Distance 20cm ,30 cm, 60 cm, ∞ (Factory setting: 60 cm)
Capture Mode Time Lapse, Step Video, Stop Motion, Still
LCD Screen 2.0” TFT LCD
Storage microSD/ microSDHC/ microSDXC(up to 128 GB, recommend a minimum of Class 10)*1
Power Source 4 AA Batteries / DC IN 5V (USB-C connector)
Operating Temperature 32 °F ∼ 113 °F (0 °C ∼ 45 °C)
Size(W x H x D) 2.4x 2.8x 1.7 in (6.0 x 7.1 x 4.2 cm)
Weight 3.4 oz (97.5 g)

*Notes:Supports up to 128GB microSD card. For 64 or 128 GB microSD card, insert the card into your camera and follow instruction on the LCD screen to format the card before using it the first time.

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