How to Create More Engaging Videos

How to Create More Engaging Videos

Renovation project time lapses can become monotonous, always going through the same steps from demolition to rebuilding...

Renovation project time lapses can become monotonous, always going through the same steps from demolition to rebuilding. After filming a handful of projects from a bird’s-eye-view your footage can slowly start to blend together and fail to stand out.

Once your demolition is completed and the framing goes up you will lose out on important project details if you are only filming from the outside or if your camera is mounted high-up overlooking your project. Those high up shots are an important part of any construction time lapse however creating an entire video with footage from only one perspective leaves viewers wanting more.

The quickest way to create better content is to move your camera around your build site or ever better set up multiple cameras to capture the same details from different view angles while also capturing different updates going on simultaneously in other rooms.

Your time lapses will have more of an impact if they capture your audience’s attention throughout. The diversification of the width of your lens view angle is another easy to do that.  Our recommended camera combination for renovations and other smaller construction projects is the TLC2020 and BAC2000. Get all encompassing bird’s-eye-view shot of the project from start to finish with a TLC2020 and then use the BAC2000’s narrow angle lens to target in on particular areas of the project without outside distractions.

Introducing a narrow angle lensed time lapse camera such as the BAC2000 into your time lapse arsenal will allow you to frame shots that feature your team instead of a wide overarching view of your project. You will be able to hone in on team members’ unique skills and craftsmanship.

No matter the intended purpose for your time lapse footage, whether it’s for business development, creating materials for social media or for communicating project updates with clients, a combination of wide and narrow angle footage will strengthen your time lapse video’s ability to engage with viewers.

The BAC2000 otherwise known as the Versatile Camera Bundle comes with a 69 ° narrow angle lens, Adaptable Mounting Kit, and Easy Twist adjustable focus distance. The lens’ four preset focus distances, 20cm, 30cm, 60cm and infinity, allow for filming everything from up close shots of tiling or detailed carpentry to large scale electrical work. Simply twist the lens and move your camera to draw attention to the work you want to showcase.

Let the BAC2000 be your apprentice and follow you around your construction site. The uniquely designed extendable clamp and tripod allows you to shoot everything from:

1.Over the shoulder filming

2.Head-on shots

3.Shots that extend out 51cm (20.1”)

4.Tripod shots from 18cm (7.1”) to 85cm (33.5”) in height

Setting up multiple time lapse cameras and using a mix of wide and narrow angle lenses is an easy way to diversify your time lapse content and create videos that captivate your audience. No matter your time lapse experience level, Brinno cameras make creating diverse and engaging time lapse content accessible to beginners and advanced timelapsers alike.