Brinno Chosen as Top Time Lapse Pick by PCMag

Brinno Chosen as Top Time Lapse Pick by PCMag

📍North America_ The trusted review giant PCMag has recommended the Brinno TLC200 camera as the top time lapse camera for...

The trusted review giant PCMag has recommended the Brinno TLC200 camera as the top time lapse camera for sale on Amazon. Beating out Nikon, Canon and GoPro, PCMag considers Brinno the best all-around time lapse camera. According to PCMag, the TLC200 is the perfect introduction into the world of Brinno time lapse and provides up to 120 days of power on a single set of batteries using a 5 min interval. 

Currently sitting at a 4.2 star rating, it is a fan favorite for no fuss time lapse. From filming construction projects to art creations the TLC200 is great for taking long-term time lapses.

Brinno has a number of high quality professional-grade time lapse cameras. If you are looking for a full HD time lapse option with HDR, the Brinno TLC2020 provides an upgraded filming experience. Since its launch last summer, the TLC2020 has quickly become one of our top selling cameras and for good reason. With a higher filming quality, flexible filming schedule, more intuitive menu controls, and multilingual UI, the TLC2020 delivers expert level control without expert level prices.



Check out our Brinno product pages to learn more about the TLC200 and see for yourself why the TLC2020 is the top time lapse camera for professionals.

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