Digital Camera World Names TLC2020 the Top Time Lapse Camera

Digital Camera World Names TLC2020 the Top Time Lapse Camera

The online hub for all things photography, Digital Camera World, has awarded two Brinno cameras...
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The online hub for all things photography, Digital Camera World, has awarded two Brinno cameras the top spots in their 2021 round-up for top time lapse cameras. In their review and buying guide, time lapse is described as the perfect filming medium for recording construction, events and nature. They highlight that with a time lapse camera you are able to turn days of footage into a short engaging video.

The TLC2020 is the Digital Camera World’s Best Time Lapse Camera and Editor’s Choice. Brinno’s wide range of accessories, the interchangeable lens and 2” LCD screen are named as some of the best features and main reasons to buy.

Another point highlighted by Digital Camera World is that Brinno has been in the time lapse game for a long time and the TLC2020 is not Brinno’s first camera. This means with Brinno you can expect a reliable experience and durable product that can withstand demanding environments like construction sites. Because the TLC2020 is a dedicated time lapse camera it also has a much larger battery life than a normal camera or action cam and with a 5 minute capture interval you can get up to 99 days.

The TLC2020 has a number of bundle available including waterproof housing, wall mount, industrial-grade clamp mount, and the Versatile Camera Bundle (BAC2000) that comes with a narrow angle lens, adjustable focus distance and adaptable mount kit.


Coming in at number two and Digital Camera World’s Recommended Time Lapse Camera is the TLC200 Pro (BCC200). Though the TLC200 Pro only records in 720p, Digital Camera World highlights that its price point makes long-term time lapse accessible. As an added bonus, the camera is also compatible with Brinno’s range of BCS lenses meaning you could always upgrade your filming with the addition of an adjustable zoom or focal length lens. Because Brinno makes time lapse easy Digital Camera World also recommends that the TLC200 Pro be bought for children to use time lapse as a new creative avenue.

The TLC200 Pro also comes bundled in the BCC200 Construction Time Lapse Bundle that includes a waterproof housing and takeway clamp.

Discover for yourself what makes the TLC2020 and TLC200 Pro the best two camera options for creating time lapse videos.

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