Brinno Construction Trio Bundle Pack BCC2000

Brinno Construction Trio Bundle Pack

BCC2000 The Professional Construction Camera


 Please upgrade the camera firmware to lastest version or higher version immediately to ensure the maximum performance of camera and extender kit.

Download Latest Firmware Version For TLC2000/TLC2020/BCC2000/ BCC2000 Plus
Brinno BCC2000Plus Professional Made Easy

Professional Made Easy

Discover the New BCC2000 Plus

We have bundled our bestselling BCC2000 with the Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000), as a result, creating our easiest and most efficient time lapse solution yet. Engineered to withstand the unpredictable construction environment, the Extender Kit’s 32ft (10m) long cable provides instant access to your camera through your laptop or tablet (Windows 64-bit OS).

BCC2000 vs. BCC2000+



Brinno Command Center (Windows 64-bit OS) X
Ladderfree Access to Camera X
Simultaneous Record & Download X
Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000) X
Time Lapse Camera (TLC2000)
Power Housing (ATH2000)
Industrial-grade Clamp (ACC1000)

Brinno Construction Trio Bundle Pack BCC2000

Bring Long Time Jobsite Monitoring to the Next Level

The Construction Trio Bundle Pack (BCC2000) gives all the components you need to shoot truly professional-quality outdoor project video.

The Brinno EMPOWER time lapse camera delivers superior Full HD HDR images; the extended Power Housing further strengthens the long lasting outdoor photographing functionality. The versatile Clamp Mount Kit enables any shooting angle of your choice in open space.

Offering the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance, the Pack makes months or yearlong hassle-free jobsite monitoring a genuine reality.

*ATH2000 battery slot only supports Alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and Zinc-Carbon batteries will affect camera battery duration therefore DO NOT recommend them.

Brinno Construction Trio Bundle Pack BCC2000 pitch video


BCC2000 feature Flexible Schedule Setup

Flexible Schedule Setup

BCC2000 feature Interchangeable Lens

Interchangeable Lens

BCC2000 feature Long Lasting Battery Life

Long Lasting Battery Life

BCC2000 feature Adjustable Clamp Mount

Adjustable Clamp Mount

BCC2000 feature Weather Resistant IPX5

Weather Resistant IPX5

BCC2000 feature HDR & FHD Time Lapse Video

HDR & FHD Time Lapse Video

Brinno features HDR & FHD Imaging Technologies

HDR & FHD Imaging Technologies

Powerful HDR & FHD sensors greatly improve images of high contrast scenes for quality works, outdoors or indoors, daytime or night. No more fear to backlight and low light environment.

Brinno features Flexible Schedule Setup

Flexible Schedule Setup

Set video shooting schedule to meet the demands of your project. The camera reliably captures and auto-edits frames into documentation video for EZ jobsite monitoring.

Brinno features Weather Resistant IPX5

Weather Resistant IPX5

Add waterproof protection against adverse weather condition and assure the success of your jobsite video documentation.

Brinno features Interchangeable Lenses

Interchangeable Lenses

CS-mount interface to work with Brinno BCS zoom in lenses, producing amazing time lapse video with quality unseen details.

Adjustable Clamp Mount

STRONG, DURABLE and FLEXIBLE, the EZ to use and adjustable clamp opens from a minimum of 0.04 in (1mm) to a max of 3.5 in (90mm). It can grasp and hold on to any available object tightly and steadily at construction sites.

The camera arm has a 360 degree rotating tripod (¼“) ball joint with 90° tilt for easily positioning the direction of the camera.

In the Box

Clamp Mount Kit

Time Lapse Camera

Construction Power Housing

Model NO.ACC1000
ContentsCamera Clamp; Magic Arm
Camera Mount Screw ¼”
Clamping RangeTube: 0.4- 3.5 in (10 - 90 mm)
Flat surface: 0.04- 3.5 in (1 -90 mm)
Magic Arm Load Capacity6.6 lb (3 KG)
Clamp Load Capacity110 lb (50 KG) (without extension pole)
Size (LxWxH)Folded: 8.2x 3.7x 1.5 in (209x 94x 39 mm)
Extended: 6.9x 7.1x 2.4 in (176x 180x 60 mm)
Weight26.5 oz (750 g) (included magic arm)
MaterialsClamp: Stainless, aluminum
Magic Arm: Stainless, metal, aluminum

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