Capturing the Sunrise from Your Window

Capturing the Sunrise from Your Window

Though a sense of normalcy has left most of our lives, the natural world continues marching at the beat of its own...

Though a sense of normalcy has left most of our lives, the natural world continues marching at the beat of its own drum. Sunrises are some of the most beautiful time lapses that you can capture with your Brinno camera. The best part is that the saying about the bird and the worm does not apply, with Brinno’s schedule settings you can set your camera up the night before so that it can automatically start filming the sunrise while you remain comfortable in your own bed.


Lately we have been inspired by many people in the Brinno community to share our favorite sunrises and sunset videos. From the inside of your home, your window can frame your time lapse and capture a natural art show.


US, Michigan 

We love this timelapse from Ben in Michigan. Watch the clouds roll away as the sun sets to reveal a brilliant landscape and bright finish to the day. There is something breathtaking about a sunset in the countryside. Enjoy this sunset, we hope you can appreciate the calmness that it brings.


Taiwan, Tai-an Township

In a big contrast from the last video this is a sunrise captured up in the mountains. The video really showsnthe energy that a new day brings. Make sure to pay attention to he clouds! The TLC2020’s HDR function really creates brilliant footage.


Japan, Tokyo

Back to the city we go. Watch shadows play and birds wake up as the sun rises over downtown Tokyo. It also brings the question, does Tokyo ever sleep?


Filming the Perfect TimeLapse

No matter where your home is, sunrises and sunsets offer a unique time lapse opportunity. Even if you film every sunrise for an entire year, no two will be the same. Cloud sand animals have minds of their own, watch them dance across your footage and enjoy daybreak as the rest of the world sleeps.  

To film a sunset or sunrise it is important to check your settings and plan to film for 2-3hours. For a sunrise it’s good to start filming at least an hour before so that you can capture the entire scene change.


Remember that the schedule setting is your best friend. Check your sunrise and sunset times and set your schedule accordingly.


Recommended settings

Interval: 5 sec-10sec


  • Sunrise: Night
  • Sunset: Twilight

HDR: High


Have you captured any beautiful sunrises or sunsets from the comfort of your own home? If so, please share it with us using #brinno or #selfisolatewithbrinno.