Shipyard Shares Time Lapse Tips for Capturing Ship Builds

Shipyard Shares Time Lapse Tips for Capturing Ship Builds

📍Asia_Surrounded by sea, the ship building industry is an important pillar of Taiwan’s economy...

Surrounded by sea, the ship building industry is an important pillar of Taiwan’s economy. In 2020, the Ministry of Economic Affairs valued the Taiwanese ship building industry at 656 million USD.As a major player in the industry, many of the world’s wealthiest individuals use Taiwan’s expertise to build their luxury yachts. However it’s not just luxury vessels being built, the unique local skillset and industrial knowledge is used to build everything from small fishing boats to massive 10,000 ton transport ships.

We sat down with Mr. Wu, an engineer at Lungteh Shipyard, to talk about his work building some of the world’s greatest ships and his experience using Brinno cameras to document Lungteh Shipyard’s impressive shipbuilds. 


Please tell us a bit about Lungteh Shipyard

Founded in 1979, Lungteh has over 40 years of ship building experience. The company started off building small fishing boats and speedboats. Over the years they began taking on bigger and bigger projects, growing into the company it is today. A few years ago we started implementing time lapse in our projects to provide our customers with a keepsake video that not only could document memories but also build their trust in us. Customers can watch their build from start to finish and see our meticulous process in making their dream come to life.



What are some of the advantages Brinno construction cameras have for capturing your builds?

Brinno cameras are very durable and since our factory is semi-open and near the ocean the special waterproof housings are essential. We like that we can record in all weather conditions. The 118 degree wide-angle lens allows us to capture every detail and greatly improves the quality of the final time lapse.



Why did you choose Brinno to capture your projects?

When we first started exploring the possibility of time lapse, Brinno came up right away through Google! After comparing Brinno’s cameras with their competitors we found that Brinno time lapse cameras perform more efficiently, making them the best choice for recording long-term projects.

What are some of your favorite features of Brinno time lapse cameras?

With the BCC2000 camera, we love the built-in customizable shooting schedule. By setting up a schedule that mirrors our working hours, it reduces the time needed for post-editing. Older models do not have a flexible schedule setting which meant we had to cut-out empty frames.

Do you have any time lapse tips for filming large-scale projects? 

The biggest tip we have is the importance in setting up multiple cameras. With more cameras you can get more view angles of your project which allows for more flexibility when creating your final video. On every project we use up to three cameras. The first camera is set up from afar to get a comprehensive view of the build from start to finish. The other cameras are mobile and will be moved throughout the project to follow the build process. Sometimes they will capture intimate detailing and other times they capture the interior.



Lungteh’s success is rooted in their ability to prove to their customers the quality of their craftsmanship. Ship building is serious business and the quality of a build can mean the difference between life and death at sea. Through their use of time lapse photography, Lungteh proves their dedication to construction excellence. Everything is captured from start to finish and customers can guarantee the quality and compliance with all safety regulations in every build.

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