Family’s Dream Home Construction Time Lapse Goes Viral – Featured Creator Hive to Home

Family’s Dream Home Construction Time Lapse Goes Viral – Featured Creator Hive to Home

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Canadian couple Sam and Duane are busy enough as it is raising...

Canadian couple Sam and Duane are busy enough as it is raising their 4 kids but also like to keep active with their numerous hobbies including camping, canoeing, beer making, beekeeping, and soapmaking, just to name a few.

Seven years ago the family purchased a rundown house in their dream neighborhood. Even though their growing family quickly outgrew the house, they struggled to balance their desires to move house while not wanting to move to a new physical location. Tearing down their house and building their dream home was the natural conclusion.

Between Duane and his father, the two had enough skills and know how to do most of the work themselves, which allowed them to save money on much of the labor costs. Together they were able to complete the framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, siding, painting, flooring, cabinets, and even the trim.

With so much labor and love going into their home construction project the family wanted to document the project through film as a keepsake that they could look back on for years to come. Considering the length of the project, time lapse was the perfect filming solution because it would allow months of construction work to be condensed into a few short minutes of footage.

After doing some research online, Brinnocame out on top as the best solution for time lapse on the market. With lots of positive reviews and fans around the world the family decided on Brinno’s BCC100 construction time lapse camera.


At the end of the project, Duane edited the time lapse footage into a seven and a half video that showed the entire project from the demolition of the old house to finishing up all the detailing of the new build. Pleased with the final results, he decided to post the video on YouTube to make it easier to share with friends and family. Little did they know, their video would quickly rack up over 800k views and be shared by viewers all around the world!

Getting famous in the online time lapse community was never the goal however with new fans comes a motivation to continue creating content. With the family’s wide range of hobbies and passion for enjoying life through creativity, they have continued to use YouTube to document parts of their lives including their beekeeping and soap making. For Sam, the family beehives are central to her business Hive to Home (her business has the same name as the family YouTube channel), where she sells honey as well as homemade soaps, shampoos, and lip balms. 


Using Brinno time lapse to document the construction of their dream home was an extremely positive experience for the family. Looking back, the only regrets they have is to have used multiple cameras to record – ideally they would have liked to have had one recording from the outside and one following the construction progress inside the house. With two cameras a lot more construction details could have been captured on film without the need to constantly move the camera.

Check out Sam and Duane’s YouTube channel Hive to Home to see some more of the cool DIY projects the family gets up to!

Learn more about the BCC100 camera and for an upgraded, full HD, filming experience with twice the battery life of the BCC100, Brinno’s TLC2020 camera has quickly become the camera of choice for home builders in North America and Europe.

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