Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Where has 2019 gone? We spend half the year complaining about how slow the year is going by but then by the midway mark...

Where has 2019 gone? We spend half the year complaining about how slow the year is going by but then by the midway mark months seem to turn into weeklong periods! At this point in December we all start stressing about completing our Christmas shopping on time. What do we get for that Aunt you only see once a year during the holiday? What about your niece that just went off to college? Here at Brinno we have you covered for all your last minute gifting needs, there are even sales over at on some of our hot items!

For that aunt or uncle you don’t really know but need to buy a gift for anyway, the Brinno DUO is a perfect gift option. The Brinno DUO is easy to use but will make them feel hip and cool with their electronic and modernized peephole. They will show it off to friends and rave for days about how secure it makes them feel. In the day and age of porch pirates they will be happy to know that an extra set of eyes will be on their package at all times.



We all know a college student who is busy with school and has minimal time for hobbies. Maybe they are living in the dorms or some other type of student accommodation. The SHC500 provides students with the perfect security option. Because it can be retrofitted into the door without permanent alterations, even strict tenant rules won’t be an issue with this product. A peephole device will not only give you peace of mind but also give the student a sense of security so that you both can sleep well at night.

The social media obsessed teenager who would rather share likes on Instagram than share their interests and hobbies with you. A TLC2000 camera will give them a new tool to spark their creativity and social media is a perfect outlet to showcase their talents. Many young people have dreams of becoming social media influencers, a camera like the TLC2000 provides them with an opportunity to test their interest in film and media and discover their full potential. Maybe it will even allow them to find talents that would otherwise be hidden!



If you have a brother or sister who spends hours on a niche hobby like car restoration or model building the TLC200pro is the perfect gift for them. This camera is a workhorse that not only has a long lasting battery life but also has low light filming capabilities so that no matter the filming conditions it can capture everything. Filming niche hobbies not only allows progress documentation for personal use but also allows the ability to share skills and progress with the online community of that hobby.

No matter who you are shopping for this holiday season Brinno has cameras that meet you and your family’s needs. 

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!