Brinno earns top seat amongst best time lapse cameras in 2022... again

Brinno earns top seat amongst best time lapse cameras in 2022... again

The ability to create time lapse videos has been included in professional cameras for a long time. As technology has evolved, time lapse has become common among our smartphone cameras.  Therefore more and more people are realizing the benefit and creativity that time lapse photography offers.  Even though modern technology makes instant time lapse videos easy to create, most people still consider time lapse something that should be left to the professionals.  With the long stated goal to revolutionize time lapse photography and make it into an uncomplicated process to create time lapse videos, Brinno has created easy-to-use time lapse cameras.

Digital Camera World, an international photography publisher from the UK, released its recommendation for time lapse cameras in 2022. Brinno cameras were once again awarded the top spots among all those ranked. 

Brinno’s TLC2020, the best time lapse camera for construction projects

Brinno’s TLC2020, was voted the best time lapse camera in 2022 for construction projects.   Owing to its wide range of accessories and interchangeable lenses making it the most adaptable camera and accessory combination on the market by far.  As the premium choice that is customizable for various construction conditions, Brinno’s TLC2020 has many bundle choices available, including waterproof housings, wall mounts, and industrial-grade clamps. Also optional, are versatile camera bundles that come with a narrow lens, adjustable focus lens, and adaptable kits. Another point highlighted in the article is the user-friendly setting that enables amateurs to follow the guidance from different modes such as indoor events and detailed craftwork according to their demands.  This saves tons of time and effort for new users to start creating time lapse videos!

TLC200 Pro, the best time lapse camera for beginners, aka the GOAT



The TLC200 Pro has been named the best time lapse camera for beginners to start using from the jump. Simply put, it is very easy to use and also has compatibility with Brinno’s various lens options amongst others. Plus having more than 40 days battery life under capture intervals for 5 minutes, Brinno’s TLC200 Pro can easily tackle numerous shooting scenarios as needed.  In addition to the TLC200 Pro, Brinno’s TLC130 has been listed as the best time lapse camera for portability. Using rechargeable batteries lasting 6 days, under 5 minutes capture intervals, Brinno’s TLC130 is the perfect solution to deal with compact/complex time lapse project schedules such as week-long vacation recordings, kitchen renovations or even trade show exhibition booth installations.

Brinno’s TLC130, the best portable time lapse camera on the market.


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