Time Lapse the agricultural changes for improvement

Time Lapse los cambios agrícolas para mejorar

En el panorama agrícola en constante evolución, adoptar la innovación es clave para el éxito. Atrás quedaron los días de enfoques de plantación únicos para todos...
In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, embracing innovation is key to success. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all planting approaches. Time lapse research empowers farmers to tailor their planting strategies based on real-time data and historical insights. By carefully analyzing past seasons' performance, farmers can identify patterns, assess the impact of environmental factors, and make informed decisions to optimize planting strategies for maximum efficiency.
  • Observe and Evaluate Each Stage of Crop Development
What if you could witness the entire life cycle of your crops unfold before your eyes? Time lapse observation brings this vision to life, offering farmers a condensed yet comprehensive view of each stage of crop development. From germination to maturity, the intricate details become apparent. Armed with this knowledge, farmers can strategically intervene at critical stages, ensuring optimal conditions for their crops to thrive.
Cambridge University Botanic Garden use Brinno time-laspe camera to record giant water lily
Cambridge University Botanic Garden use Brinno time-laspe camera to record giant water lily

  • Monitor Changes in Plant Health for Early Intervention  

Early detection is the linchpin of successful crop management. Time lapse monitoring enables farmers to closely track the health of their plants. As subtle changes unfold over time, farmers can pinpoint potential issues such as pests, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies before they escalate. This proactive approach allows for targeted interventions, safeguarding the overall health and vitality of the crops. 


  • Revise Planting Schedules and Techniques for Better Yields 

Agriculture is a dynamic endeavor, and adaptability is paramount. Time lapse research provides a wealth of data that allows farmers to adapt and evolve their planting schedules and techniques. By revising strategies based on insights gained through time lapse analysis, farmers can fine-tune their approach season after season. This iterative process ensures that each planting becomes an opportunity for improvement, ultimately leading to consistently better yields.


One of the research published in Scientific Reports provides team sentience with another point and helps map out new study methods using time lapse. The researchers focused on the nutation movements of growing beanstalks to prove sentience in plants.  By using time lapse photography, the study explained that humans can better empathize with plants and see them more as agents, not just resources for us to consume. Because plant behavior and growth are slow-paced, without the help of time lapse we can easily become “plant blind” and unable to make sense of the dynamic green world around us.


Highlighted section explain how time lapse video benefit the research

Highlighted section explain how time-lapse video benefit the research


The integration of time lapse photography into agricultural scenarios could be a pivotal approach for farmers to optimize the strategy. Our BCC300 time lapse bundle includes the latest TLC300 camera that can easily stand for over 100 days of recording using 4 AA batteries. Along with the clampod and waterproof case, the extra accessories protect the camera from external damage regardless of sunlight, rain, or even bird droppings. 

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