Foster an Agriculture branding story with time lapse

Fomente una historia de marca agrícola con lapso de tiempo

La agricultura no se trata sólo de cultivar cultivos; es un viaje marcado por el trabajo duro, la pasión y el compromiso con la tierra...
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Agriculture is not just about cultivating crops; it's a journey marked by hard work, passion, and a commitment to the land. Time lapse storytelling becomes a powerful medium to foster this agricultural narrative. Farmers can weave a compelling tale that resonates with consumers, providing a glimpse into the dedication that goes into each harvest. By sharing the human side of farming through time lapse sequences, a genuine connection is forged between the farm and its audience.


  • Compile a Visual Portfolio of Diverse Crops and Seasons
The diversity of crops and changing seasons is a testament to the richness of agricultural life. Time lapse technology allows farmers to compile a visually striking portfolio that showcases the spectrum of their crops throughout different seasons. From the vibrant hues of spring planting to the golden fields of harvest, this visual journey captivates viewers and communicates the cyclical beauty of farming.
  • Highlight Key Milestones in Your Agricultural Journey
Every farm has its defining moments — the first successful harvest, overcoming challenges, or implementing innovative practices. Time lapse storytelling offers a unique platform to highlight these key milestones in a visually compelling manner. By sharing these moments with the audience, farmers not only celebrate their achievements but also invite consumers to be part of the farm's success story.
Track the evolution of your garden through time lapse video


  • Showcase Your Farm's Uniqueness Through Time Lapse Storytelling
No two farms are alike, each possessing its own unique charm and character. Time lapse storytelling provides an opportunity to showcase these distinctive features, whether it's a picturesque landscape, sustainable practices, or the introduction of cutting-edge technologies. By capturing these elements through time lapse sequences, farmers can communicate the essence of their farm and crop's identity and values.



A study in the Journal of Applied Communication revealed how local farmers tackled challenges in establishing their own branding story. In this case, Florida, the largest producer of strawberries in the United States, faced competition from strawberries imported from Mexico during peak season. The study highlighted the practical use of branding as an effective strategy for promoting and distinguishing local produce in the face of such challenges.


Study reveals how branding can benefit local farm business


Time lapse storytelling is not just about showcasing crops; it's about creating a brand identity that transcends the agricultural landscape. Especially when facing harsh competitiveness around the globe, how to differentiate yourself from others became a crucial metric of how successful this business will be. Brinno TLC300 time lapse camera integrates the capture interval and scheduling setting to the one-page menu, making it very easy to manage even for time lapse beginners. Plus the extra BCC300 bundle with different accessories, the camera can be fixed to trees or wherever high above the field to sustain long recording time.

Reference: Branding the Berries: Consumers’ Strawberry Purchasing Intent and their Attitude toward Florida Strawberries