The Perfect Tools for Capturing the Beauty of Time

Las herramientas perfectas para capturar la belleza del tiempo

En el mundo acelerado en el que vivimos, es fácil pasar por alto la sutil belleza que se desarrolla a nuestro alrededor todos los días...
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In the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to overlook the subtle beauty that unfolds around us every day. Thankfully, Brinno’s exceptional time lapse cameras allow users to witness the passage of time in captivating and effortless ways. This time we invited TechRadar, one of the international publications that provide news and reviews of tech gadgets, to try out our TLC2020 and BCC300. 


User-Friendly Interface

TechRadar's review emphasizes the user-friendly interface of both cameras. Brinno has developed an intuitive control system that makes it easy even for users without technical expertise to set up and operate the cameras effortlessly. The clear LCD screens and straightforward menus simplify the process of configuring settings and capturing stunning time lapse footage.

TLC2020 UI


Impressive Battery Life

One standout feature mentioned in the review is the exceptional battery life offered by these Brinno time lapse cameras. The TLC2020 boasts an incredible 99 days of battery life, while the TLC 300 offers an equally  impressive 100 days. This extended battery life allows users to set up their cameras for extended periods without worrying about frequent battery changes, making them ideal for capturing lengthy projects or documenting long-term events.


Versatile Recording Options

Brinno's time lapse cameras offer various recording options to suit different projects and requirements. The TLC2020 and TLC300 allow users to adjust capture intervals from as short as every 0.3 seconds to as long as every 24 hours, offering flexibility in capturing a wide range of events and scenes. Additionally, both cameras support extraordinary HDR capability, providing creative possibilities for users to experiment with different time lapse techniques.

BCC300 Bundle

Brinno's TLC2020 and TLC300 time lapse cameras have earned praise for their reliable features. Whether you are a professional photographer, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of time unfolding, these cameras are exceptional tools for capturing and preserving moments that often go unnoticed. With Brinno's time lapse cameras, you can unlock a new perspective on the world and share the magic of time with others. Feel free to check each article at TLC300  TLC2020