Meet Brinno for time lapse innovation at IFA 2023!

¡Conozca a Brinno para la innovación en time lapse en IFA 2023!

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For those who have been waiting for new technology in time lapse, don’t look away as Brinno is ready to dazzle your eyeballs! After the extremely long Covid period, we are exhibiting at the IFA in person. We prepare some secret sauce exclusive for attendees of IFA 2023, come check out at the booth for more information! 

For construction users, our BCC2000 Plus/BCC2000 allows for ground accessibility with the extender kit and manages camera setting through tablets/laptops easily. On top of that, we have the almost-ready special accessory that levels up the originally premium package to meet higher standards, the solar power kit. This accessory will be available throughout the venue, be the first to feel it! 

If professionals are looking for time lapse cameras that survive through the toughest conditions, the TLC2020 bundles will be the go-to choice, equipped with the IP67 waterproof case. The TLC2020 has up to four different bundles that allow users to decide the best setup depending on their recording environment.

Other than professionals, the BCC300 is tailor-made for time lapse new beginners. Eliminating the challenge for almost every user, it improved its battery life to remarkably 100 days with simply 4 AA batteries and built the super user-friendly one-page setting menu.

  • Date: Sep 1st - Sep 5th, 2023
  • Location: Messe Berlin, Germany
  • Booth: Hall 1.2 No 102