How to decide the capture interval for your construction time lapse recording?

¿Cómo decidir el intervalo de captura para la grabación del lapso de tiempo de construcción?

El vídeo time lapse puede parecer una ciencia arcana, especialmente para aquellos novatos que no están familiarizados con ningún tipo de fotografía avanzada...
¿Cómo configurar una cámara time-lapse para tu proyecto de construcción? Leiendo ¿Cómo decidir el intervalo de captura para la grabación del lapso de tiempo de construcción? 3 minutos Siguiente Regalos que demuestran cuánto te importa

Time lapse video might sound like some arcane science, especially to those newbies who aren’t familiar with any kind of advanced photography.   If that’s you,  you will soon realize how eye catching and dynamic time lapse photography is and get a real sense of accomplishment after the dedicated time lapse video is finished. 

Let’s not rush into the deep lecture of time lapse, but what is Brinno time lapse video exactly? With Brinno cameras time lapse video consists of multiple still photos taken at a preset capture interval, and the time lapse camera automatically stitches those photos together to create a ready-to-view time lapse video immediately after stopping recording.


See how to set up capture interval and schedule your time lapse recording


According to ExpertPhotography, capture interval stands for the time that passes between two shots in a time lapse sequence. The shorter your capture interval is, the more photos will be taken under a certain period of time. Referring to the following table, the length of the time lapse video per day varies depending on the capture intervals. 


By taking photos between fixed time periods, Brinno time lapse cameras automatically stitch together those photos and create a ready-to-view time lapse video immediately after stopping recording.


Capture interval

*The length of the video was set to 30 FPS playback rate.


As for how to customize the capture interval to your particular projects, this should be decided according to the length of your project and what scene you want the time lapse video to include. If your entire construction project lasted more than a few months, we suggest at least 5 minutes of interval to make sure your camera's batteries will last to the end.  


Brinno-jobsite infographic-how to



On the first camera location we want the camera installed at high locations such as a crane upright or a pillar, we recommend a 5 minutes capture interval to capture a continuous time lapse video while lasting long enough without switching batteries frequently during recording. The utilization of BCC2000+ provides users with ladderfree access to your camera with a 10m ruggedized extender cable thus reducing the effort to check your video. 


For the second camera location we typically focus on a specific part of the construction process only.   Anything from concrete pouring to window installation.   Any segment of the overall project, and capture intervals at 30 secs to 1 minute are suitable to document every minor action throughout the focused construction site time lapse recording.  For the third camera position, installing time lapse cameras at an overlooking wall with an angle to capture all the site, fulfills the job site monitoring request. You can choose a 5 minute to a 10 minute capture interval for the third camera according to the expected length of your project. 


With an understanding of time lapse technique and how to calculate capture intervals, time lapse video can be applied to any possible long-term documentation, construction job site in particular. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy your time lapse journey and see you next time on our #tip #sharing blogs!