Gifts that show how much you care

Regalos que demuestran cuánto te importa

2022 ha sido un año turbulento para muchos, por lo que resulta un alivio que haya regresado la temporada navideña de reuniones con amigos y familiares. Sea como fuere...

2022 has been a turbulent year for many, so it comes as a relief that the holiday season of gathering with friends and family has returned. Be that as it may, we know how much of a headache it is when it comes to finding the perfect gift.  Well, you can wave goodbye to that nightmare this holiday season, as Brinno has your back!  While wishing you a wonderful holiday season, we’ve got some fabulous yet practical tips when choosing gifts for loved ones. 

We all have that pragmatic dad or hands-on uncle who is good at repairing anything by themselves and who always claims that they “don't want or need anything”.  However, what if something could record their hours of hard work and then watch said work with an enjoyable minute-long clip?  A BCC2000 time lapse bundle offers unprecedented photography experiences to document daily life including repairs and projects. Using a time lapse camera to capture interesting moments in life is undeniably the best part of giving them a time lapse camera.




Aside from the BCC2000 having a sort of masculine vibe, we also have suggestions for your other family members.  If they happen to love doing small handmade stuff such as painting or sculpting, the BAC2000 is the perfect option for recording the intricate step-by-step process of creating art. This versatile camera bundle includes a limitless creative monopod that literally allows you to install the time lapse camera anywhere and document every tiny action before finishing the artwork.  Creating another piece of art to admire after the project is completed.




While enjoying your holiday family time with loved ones, our SHC series peephole cameras are your go-to option for security and peace of mind. The peephole cameras guard the front door 24/7 so you can see who is at the door whether you’re home or not.  They  also lend an extra eye to secure your packages when they are delivered to your front door, day or night.  This hip and cool “must have” gadget will allow users to brag for years about how secure it makes them feel. This particular gift shows your thoughtfulness and the desire to protect the ones you love from those who look to potentially do harm or steal from them. 




The Brinno team feels your stress during the holiday season! We hope these gift suggestions can help alleviate some of that stress.  Remember, it’s never the present you give but the thought and effort you put into choosing the gifts you give that will tug on your loved one’s heartstrings.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone reading this blog!