Time Lapse as a Tool to Improve Farm Animal Welfare

El lapso de tiempo como herramienta para mejorar el bienestar de los animales de granja

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A Brinno MAC200DN time lapse camera monitoring the eating behavior of dairy cows in the Netherlands.


Based in the Netherlands, the team of nutrition consultants at  Feijen Diervoeders are providing dairy farmers and pig farmers with invaluable information that helps them take better care of their animals’ needs.  Feijen Diervoeders creates tailor-made food for their clients that meet the unique needs of each farm. Everything from the amount of food to the food composition is examined and determined by observations made during site visits and through analyzing time lapse footage captured by MAC200DN Brinno cameras.

At each site a MAC200DN camera is installed in the barn to monitor animal behavior over a period of two days. The Brinno footage provides a great snapshot of the eating patterns of the herd. One of the things that Feijen Diervoeders looks for is that the animals are not picking through the food to only find the parts that they want to eat. In those cases, the animals need food that is better mixed otherwise the animals will not have a balanced nutritional intake.  

Another problem that farmers can run into is that their animals are going hungry without them knowing. Under normal circumstances, there is no one sitting and watching the cows 24 hours a day, which makes it difficult to know when the animals are running out of food. By setting up a Brinno camera in the barn  Feijen Diervoeders have discovered that in some cases food can run out by as early as 2:00pm, meaning that the animals are left hungry until the next morning. Time lapse can help identify just how much food a herd needs to last throughout the night.

Since the team at  Feijen Diervoeders started using Brinno time lapse cameras as a part of their consultations clients have been more accepting of their advice. Clear photographic evidence allows for recommendations to be supported through images as opposed to just words. Clients are satisfied and as a result their animals are able to receive the best care possible. 

Using time lapse cameras on farms is a simple way to identify management issues that otherwise go unnoticed. Experts like the consultants at Feijen Diervoeders are able to analyze footage and provide suggestions on how things can be tweaked to ensure the animals stay healthy and happy.  No two farms are the same and with the help of Brinno, cows and pigs across the Netherlands receive first-class care with tailor-made meal plans that are both tasty and nutritious!


The MAC200DN camera is portable, waterproof, and powerful. With an unbeatable battery life (14 months with a single set of batteries) it is the perfect low maintenance camera for monitoring all types of animals.


The camera is IPX4 waterproof and comes buddle with three adaptable accessories including: bungee cords, a tree strap, and a wall mount. Easily customize the camera settings to fit your unique monitoring needs including schedule, time stamp, and three filming modes available: Time Lapse, Motion Detection, and Hybrid (combination of time lapse and motion detection). Need to film at night? The MAC200DN is also compatible with IR850 light (IR light not included).  

Go to our website to learn more about the MAC200DN and how Brinno time lapse cameras are also being used to monitor Peruvian Boobies and goats