Jade Vine Time Lapse from Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Lapso de tiempo de Jade Vine del Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Cambridge

📍Europa_ El invernadero del Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Cambridge lanzó el primer timelapse...

The Glasshouse within the Botanic Garden of Cambridge University released the first timelapse in their new time lapse series showcasing rare and peculiar plants in their collection. A Brinno TLC2020 time lapse camera was set up over the weekend to film the opening of a striking jade vine (strongylodon macrobiotics).

Native to the rainforests of the Philippines, the jade vine is locally called Tayabak and produces bright green clawlike flowers that contain a tasty pool of nectar that attracts bat pollinators. Flowers cascade down in bundles called racemes that can reach up to 90cm in length. The Jade Vine is a member of the pea family and can reach up to 20m in height!



Unfortunately this beautiful vine is currently threatened in the wild due to rainforest destruction but there are many conservation efforts to protect the species.  

Last year one of the Glasshouse’s former trainees chose the vine as one of her favorite plants in the Glasshouse Range. Watch her interview to learn more about the jade vine.



We are looking forward to seeing which plant the Cambridge University Botanic Garden features next!

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