Balancing Art and Life as a Flight Attendant – Featured Creator Alex Stover

Balancing Art and Life as a Flight Attendant – Featured Creator Alex Stover

📍North America_Artist Alex Stover has a busy time balancing her art while also working as a flight attendant...
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Artist Alex Stover has a busy time balancing her art while also working as a flight attendant. After dabbling in acrylics and oil painting for many years, Alex was pleasantly surprised by the speed in which she could produce watercolor paintings. Watercolor is a much quicker painting medium and instead of spending days on a creation, she could put something beautiful together in a matter of hours. The flexibility of watercolor also opened up the door to her being able to paint on the go –perfect for a flight attendant.

There is stigma in the art world around watercolors as well as comic art. This stigma causes people to disregard both from being high art. Because Alex grew up hearing others talk down on watercolor and comic art she continued to have a preconceived notion that they were inferior. It wasn’t until she got her hands on a pack of Daniel Smith watercolor paints that she began to realize how wrong she and a good chunk of the artistic community were. High quality and beautiful watercolors are possible and incorporating them in comic art, particularly painting dragons, was a natural progression for Alex. 



Havepaintwillfly is Alex's Instagram handle and where she uploads a combination of still images and time lapses filmed with a Brinno TLC120 camera. At the start, Alex was worried to share her art on the internet but it was through creators like InLiquidColor that she discovered just how positive and supportive the online art community is.

Through platforms like Instagram and YouTube, creators are able to share content with a wider audience that would otherwise remain private. Instead of painting for herself, Alex now had fans all around the world that we're rooting for her and encouraging her to create new paintings. This not only fueled Alex’s motivation to paint but also pushed her creativity.


According to Alex, the future of art is not in stuffy art galleries but instead on social platforms such as Instagram. Traditional galleries have outdated rules and expectations of what is worthy of being shown within their walls. Art should not be restricted and hidden away from the masses. Instead, art should be by the people for the people. 




Instagram is a great platform for artistslike Alex because it lets users upload both images and short video clips. Alexwanted to incorporate time lapses of her paintings to diversify her Instagram feed. Atfirst, she tried filming on her cellphone however this proved difficult becausewhile filming she wouldn’t be able to use her phone. There was the extra stressof keeping an eye on its battery life.

Through YouTube, Alex came across somereviews for Brinno time lapse cameras and was impressed with their ease of use.Simplicity was the most important thing for her, if it was difficult to use shewouldn’t want to use it. In the end, she chose the Brinno TLC120 time lapsecamera because of its small size and ability to connect to her phone wirelessly– the ideal camera for an always on-the-go flight attendant.

Alex’s advice for other creators is to buya camera to enhance the art you are already making – not for the art you hopeto make. If you have already created a good routine and rhythm to your art thenBrinno time lapse camera will be an easy way to compliment it.

Last year Brinno got a new logo designcommissioned by Alex that included animals endemic to Taiwan. Check out thegorgeous time lapse filmed on her TLC120 camera of thelogo coming to life!



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