A Time Lapse Tale From Sao Paulo’s Skies

A Time Lapse Tale From Sao Paulo’s Skies

📍South America_ For many users, taking a photo a few times a day seems like a piece of cake...

For many users, taking a photo a few times a day seems like a piece of cake. But if you have to do it for 100 days non-stop, would you do it with your nearby smartphone devices or recently popular action cams such as GoPro or Instas360? In this case, Fernando, a local photographer based in Brazil, was asked by the clients to conduct such a time-consuming project. Luckily, he found a Brinno camera and was therefore relieved from the constraint of visiting jobsite everyday.

“Life-changing product for long-term recording” 

- Says Fernando during the interview

  • Tell us about yourself
I ́m the founder of a company called FB Imagens (Fernando Brisolla Images) and I ́ve been specializing myself on following construction sites and filming them for mostly big construction companies here in my city, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Share more info about your project
The client was building a construction site in a very rich neighborhood and also it will be a landmark here in our city being a mix between residential and a hotel. There’s plenty of high buildings around the neighborhood and so it’s pretty easy for me to find a location and put the camera throughout the entire 2.5 years of construction, starting in 2021. 


Witness how a Brinno camera captures three year construction in minutes long video.


  • How time lapse benefit your business
I usually work with drones, but here in Brazil, people don’t know too much about different kind of time lapse equipment and they were all amazed when I told them that I have this camera capable of standing there for months using only batteries, so it was very beneficial for me and my company because the construction market is looking at us with different eyes.
  • Why did the client ask for time lapse footage?
My clients asked many times for some footage to study the foundation, the structure and the building itself so they could use it for regulations and financial purposes. They asked me to put a standing camera to do a time lapse for the new building.  


Brinno BCC2000 entire building from distance
 Brinno BCC2000 capturing the entire building from distance


  • What other equipment do you have?

Besides my hand camera and my drones, I only had one Brinno BCC2000 because after searching a lot and studying about it, I´ve come to the conclusion that Brinno had the best equipment for what I needed. The result was very nice, me and my client were very satisfied and so, I even bought my second Brinno already.

  • Brainstorming process with your editor, Enrique Leopardi
Initially, we thought the drone shot was enough, with plenty of ground shots. Before settling everything, Enrique and I suddenly recall the time lapse clip, and so we add it to the final video and the result is very satisfying. The process of construction adds so much enrichment to the video. 


    Fernando taking pictures of the workers
    Fernando taking pictures of the workers
    Ever since he began the photography business 8 years ago, despite the sudden struct of COVID-19, he has managed to overcome all challenges and maintain a healthy enterprise. Along with his long-term partners, Enrique Leopardi, together they began working on multiple construction projects. Stay tuned to their website for more! More importantly, the booming construction projects downtown will bring more opportunities for time lapse projects in upcoming years. During the interview, Fernando mentioned some interesting stories about how he found the dealer in Brazil, despite having no official partners locally, and how village kids messed around with him while he was shooting. Check out the interview video for more detail!

    Interview with Fernando about his story behind everything


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