Brinno Peephole Camera Featured in List of Top 15 Security Cameras

Brinno Peephole Camera Featured in List of Top 15 Security Cameras

📍Asia_Brinno’s SHC1000 peephole camera was featured in a MOOVOO article showcasing...
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Brinno’s SHC1000 peephole camera was featured in a MOOVOO article showcasing the top 15 surveillance cameras on the market. MOOVOO is a part of the Asahi Shimbun Company in Japan and is used by Japanese consumers to check product reviews and recommendations. 

In a comprehensive list of different surveillance options, including pet cameras and baby monitors, the SHC1000 peephole camera was featured as a top favorite. The reviewers at MOOVOO were impressed how clearly it was to view your visitor through the camera’s LCD screen and how it really provided a much needed extra level of protection.

Images of arriving visitors are auto-captured using the camera’s motion sensor accessory and built-in knocking sensor. When motion is detected the camera will capture an image of your visitor. You can view the live-view or flip through past footage using your camera’s LCD screen. Images are saved on a microSD card and if needed can be easily backed up on your computer.

Brinno’s peephole cameras are easily installed run solely on batteries. All you need to do is attached the camera to your pre-existing peephole and you are ready to view all front door activity from the camera’s large LCD screen.

Want to monitor visitors even more discreetly? Secretly install the motion sensor in portable mode within 32ft of your door. From the outside our specially designed camera looks like a regular peephole - no one will know you are capturing images or looking at them. 



In addition to the SHC1000, Brinno also has the DUO (SHC1000W) which provides mobile access to your camera through the Brinno app. With the DUO peephole camera, check-out live-view and review captured images through your phone. You can also receive security updates straight to your inbox by enabling our email notifications.

The SHC peephole cameras from Brinno are an easy no fuss solution to up your home security. Check out the SHC1000 and DUO 1000W product pages to learn more about the cameras and how they can protect you and your family.  Lastly, don’t forget to explore all the surveillance cameras featured in MOOVOO’s article!