Witness the transformation of NTU EMBA Lounge renovation

Witness the transformation of NTU EMBA Lounge renovation

📍Asia_Time lapse cameras serve as valuable professional tools in commercial settings, yet they can also capture daily ...

Time lapse cameras serve as valuable professional tools in commercial settings, yet they can also capture daily memories in a captivating manner. This time we collaborated with NTU EMBA on a highly anticipated project: the renovation of the EMBA lounge. The lounge holds immense significance in the life of EMBA students, making its transformation a pivotal milestone for the NTU EMBA department. Documenting this process through time lapse adds another layer of meaning to the project. We are privileged to have Professor Liu, the CEO of NTU EMBA, join us to share insights about this remarkable endeavor.


NTU EMBA office
*Photos provided by NTU EMBA office

1. Tell us a little bit about the NTU EMBA program.

The Executive MBA program for NTU was established in 1997, leading the trend in Taiwan as an early innovator in advanced management education. Ever since then, we have accumulated nearly 5,000 alumni working in different industries. The very coal value of the program is not only the pure business side kind of knowledge information but most importantly a lifelong learning and exchange platform that merges multiple values, and provides opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.


2. What’s the meaning of NTU EMBA lounge in your opinion?

The Lounge usually serves as a space for students to collaborate with peers on assignments and reports. The NTU EMBA program aims to replicate this dynamic atmosphere on campus. While the physical creation of this space is straightforward, it's the way individuals perceive and utilize it that holds the greatest significance. The EMBA Lounge extends an open invitation to our alumni to return to this exclusive haven for EMBA students and alumni alike, offering a space to shed professional personas and glean insights from others. Seasoned executives can gain firsthand understanding of frontline operations and customer interactions, while employees have the opportunity to grasp the priorities of top-tier managers. Beyond the confines of the classroom, the lounge stands as an ideal setting for EMBA alumni to refine their business acumen and advance their career aspirations.


3. Why renovate the lounge this time? 

The decision to undertake the renovation of the EMBA Lounge arises from the evolution of design sensibilities over time. For instance, one of the Financial Institutes in England has a space where individuals gather freely, engaging in a diverse range of discussions and interactions. The necessity for the renovation became evident in light of these observations. Balancing the core purpose of the Lounge with design references, this project is centered on creating a welcoming space for EMBA alumni to frequent and serves as a hub for current EMBA students, offering them a space for diverse discussions.


4. Why does time lapse the entire process?

The NTU EMBA Lounge has a rich legacy that stretches back through the years. It holds the cherished memories of our students and serves as a bustling hub of idea exchange. This space holds great significance for anyone associated with NTU EMBA. Moreover, the renovation embodies our aspiration for gradual expansion, and we are intent on documenting every step to preserve this pivotal milestone.

To thoroughly document this pivotal milestone, time lapse cameras became our go-to choice. Their extended recording capability allows us to capture every facet of the renovation process, including exterior demolition, cement repaving, and ceiling redecoration, along with the final placement of furniture. The time lapse video not only encompasses the transformations before and after the renovation, but also symbolizes NTU EMBA's determination to cherish the past and look forward to the future.


Brinno is honored to be a part of the renovation process for the NTU EMBA Lounge. Time-lapse captures the transformative process, reflecting not just physical changes, but also the team's dedicated efforts. Just as the CEO envisions for NTU EMBA, this project signifies a journey towards boundless learning and camaraderie, fostering cross-disciplinary and cross-level interactions, ultimately creating value beyond imagination.