Calculer le réglage du time lapse

Battery Life & Memory Card Storage

3 day 14 hr
0 day 5 hr

Clip Length



  1. Under the stabilized lighting environment with "camera image quality" set at best.
  2. The estimated battery life is tested under temperature conditions of 77 °F (25 °C) with new AA Alkaline batteries (battery brand: TOSHIBA LR6GCNN)
  3. Battery life may vary based on brand, environmental conditions, operating temperature, and other factors.
  4. Battery life of TLC2000 and BCC2000 was tested by using TLC2000 units and firmware version FW90.
  5. The battery life of BCC2000 Plus varies according to the length of command center operation. Extensive usage of the command center may result in a significant reduction in battery life.
  6. ATH2000 battery slot only supports Alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and Zinc-Carbon batteries will affect camera battery duration therefore DO NOT recommend them.
  7. The Solar Power Kit (ASP1000-P) includes a rechargeable battery pack and a solar panel. While solar panel allows forever time lapse recording, the number of rechargeable battery pack (APB1000) represents the battery life of using them without the solar panel.