Brinno Time Lapse Camera Once Again Used to Catch Criminals in Taiwan

La cámara Time Lapse Brinno se utiliza una vez más para capturar delincuentes en Taiwán

📍Asia_ En el distrito Linkou de la ciudad de Nuevo Taipei, los residentes habían estado informando de un fuerte olor a quemado que aparecía repentinamente en...

Illegal garbage burning suspects caught using Brinno’s MAC200DN time lapse camera. Source: UDN 


In the Linkou District of New Taipei city, residents had been reporting a strong burning smell that would appear suddenly in the middle of the night. The Environmental Protection Agency opened an investigation to get to the bottom of this illegal burning activity. At the beginning of the investigation the Agency used aerial photography in an attempt to catch the suspects in action but quickly discovered that the burning site’s rugged terrain made taking clear photos that could be used as evidence difficult and near impossible. Inspectors decided that they could sneak onto the site during the daytime and install MAC200DN Brinno time lapse cameras to catch all the illegal acts on film.

Brinno cameras are battery powered so the MAC200DN was perfect for this job. The burning site’s location was remote without electrical lines so the Agency needed a battery powered camera with a long battery life and the MAC200DN fit all that criteria.



With the camera footage the Bureau discovered that the perpetrator was an illegal garbage burning business run by a former video game tycoon. Those involved were promptly arrested and their trial is expected to start sometime this month (February 2020).

In Taiwan numerous government agencies have used Brinno technology to detect illegal activities including the Forestry Bureau and Environmental Protection Agency. Brinno cameras are a valuable tools for governments; footage from Brinno cameras have been used as evidence in numerous criminal cases in Taiwan.

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