TLC200Pro Showcases Lowered Traffic Flows during Lockdown

TLC200Pro muestra flujos de tráfico reducidos durante el bloqueo

📍Europa_ En abril, se instaló una cámara time lapse de Brinno a lo largo de una autopista en el sur de Inglaterra durante 6 horas y las imágenes...

In April, a Brinno time lapse camera was set up along a highway in the South of England for 6 hours and the footage was shared on the local news. With a lockdown in place, residents of the UK have adapted to their new sheltered-in-place normal. The government put in place regulations that mirror those in other countries and residents can only leave their homes for essential reasons such as grocery shopping, medical attention, a daily form of exercise or work if you are classified as an essential worker. These drastic changes in everyday life have led to a historic decrease in automobile activity.

Across the UK it has been reported that there are 73% less cars on the road, a volume that hasn’t been seen since the1950s. Check out the video for yourself, the amount of cars during a traditional rush hour is shocking! 



At Brinno we love seeing our cameras hard at work. Time lapse is an excellent monitoring tool and with Brinno cameras’ incomparable battery lives, they are perfect for long term observation projects.

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