The promise of a fisherman and the sea in Kagoshima - Japan

La promesa de un pescador y el mar en Kagoshima - Japón

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The ocean accounts for more than 70% of the earth's surface area and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the sea is the ruler of the planet (just ask Aquaman). However, while we enjoy rainwater resources and the delicious deep-sea fish brought to us by the ocean, have we ever thought about how continuous fishing leads to the destruction of marine resources? In 2015, the United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include 17 indicators of sustainable development, including Goal 14 : Life below water, which aims to protect the ocean and conservatively use its resources for sustainable development.


Tomo-chan is setting up a Brinno time lapse camera underwater 


Tomo-chan, a fisherman from Kagoshima, Japan, enjoys the ocean's precious resources and constantly thinks about how to achieve a sustainable balance between marine resources and commercial fishing. He volunteered to participate in the environmental activities of the SDGs (SDGs goal 13 & 14), hoping that his personal participation in those activities would hopefully influence more of Japanese society to pay attention.


Fish enjoying the delicious seaweed


Tomo-chan constructed his own diving camera case for a Brinno time lapse camera to observe the relationship between seaweed and fish life. He placed the time-lapse camera (in the waterproof case) in the sea for a long period of time to observe the relationship. Generally speaking, many underwater creatures use seaweed as a food source.   When seaweed is abundant, marine life usually is too.  Tomo-chan plans to use nets to cover small areas of seaweed to hopefully prevent overeating and also observe the effects of water temperature changes on seaweed ecology as well.


Brinno time lapse camera placed in the ocean to observe the growth of seaweed


"We hope that through the spreading of YouTube, more people will understand the problems and challenges facing the marine environment, and that our approach can become a solution for others to improve the marine environment around the world. "

Tomo-chan, Kagoshima, Japan


Video of the growth of seaweed


Tomo-chan and his team continue to focus on how to achieve a sustainable balance between marine resources and commercial fishing.  Their focal point is a tiny portion of a seemingly endless ocean.  They have filmed and uploaded everything they do to their own YouTube channel.  Tomo-chan and team hope that through this voluntary activity from Kagoshima, Japan, they can spread it to the world through the internet. People who want to do the same in their own neck of the woods can participate through the internet and work together to improve the sustainable development of marine resources everywhere!


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