Meet Featured Creator Didier Stevens from Belgium

Conozca al creador destacado Didier Stevens de Bélgica

📍Europa_A principios de verano, Didier Steven nos marcó en Instagram en un hermoso lapso de tiempo que capturó con su TLC2000...

At the beginning of the summer Didier Stevenstagged us on Instagram in a beautiful time lapse he captured with his TLC2000 camera. He set up his camera in his garden to capture this gorgeous flower bloom.

The time lapse was shared to our Instagram page and we quickly started getting a wave of questions from our users. We reached out to Didier to learn more about him and his background in time lapse as well as the story behind his wonderful flower video.

Didier is a longtime time lapse enthusiast and has been filming time-lapses for many years. Over 10 years ago when he felt limited by the imaging capabilities of his smartphone he wrote a program so that he could take time lapses from his Nokia phone. The results were pretty impressive!



With his passion for time lapse, he quickly discovered Brinno as a good long term camera option and is now an owner of multiple cameras including the TLC2000 and TLC200.

Didier the world is full of inspiration and the time lapse opportunities are endless. When he noticed that the flowers in his garden were starting to bloom seized the moment to set up some cameras. As a trial run he used a TLC200and noticed that because of the weight of the flowers, their stalks sagged a bit as they grew. He took that experience to adapt his filming approach. He used a wooden stick and some twine to ensure that the flower stayed fixed in place as it blossomed.



For the final video product Didier used hisTLC2000 camera and set up a zoom objective. The capture interval was set to 1minute, which allowed for the full blooming process to be perfectly documented on film. Finally, using an editing software he sped up the footage to get this brilliant film.

Didier can’t wait to continue recording time-lapses particularly while he’s on holiday. Check out his Instagram to see his creative images and videos. He is also trained professionally as a security researcher and also has an educational blog where he publishes articles that focus on technical IT security. We feel extremely honored to have him as a part of the Brinno time lapse family and can’t wait to see what he captures next.