Content Creator Spotlight – Industrial Photographer Bogdan Dumitru

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📍Europa_ Bogdan Dumitru es un fotógrafo industrial rumano que vive en Constanța. Lleva 5 años trabajando en este campo, comenzando...

Bogdan Dumitru is a Romanian industrial photographer who lives in Constanța. He has been working in this field for 5years, starting with his first drone the Phantom 2. His work has been featured on the BBC, TF1 France and Vice. This French news story from 2016 features some of his epic drone shots!



Last year he got a large project to document the construction of a new gas station and decided it was the perfect time to get into industrial timelapse. This project got him to start looking into timelapse camera options for documenting construction projects. During his research he came across a timelapse created with the BCC2000 camera. In that moment he knew that he had discovered the perfect product for his and his client's needs. He immediately found a distributor in Europe and bought 5 cameras.



The City of Constanța is beautifully situated on the Black Sea coast and has one of the largest ports in Europe. Before all the worldwide COVID-19 chaos there were talks in the city of building a large Ferris wheel right by the water. Bogdan and others assumed that this project would be postponed indefinitely but then one day he received a phone call that trucks were on their way to Romania to deliver the pieces. Quickly he made his way to the site and searched for a good location for the camera. Fortunately there was a building directly across from the construction site. He set up the camera and the rest is history. Bogdan even had the honor of being the first person in the country to take a ride on the Ferris wheel.



Though the camera was up high it was not alone during the 8 day project. If you pay attention to the video you can catch some seagulls standing guard. Who knew seagulls could make such good security guards?



What’s next for Bogdan? Currently he has one camera set up to capture the construction of a large sports arena. This is a 2 year project so we will be following the project and seeing how it goes!

Learn more about Bogdan and his current/previous projects on his website or Facebook