Construction of New Southern Colorado Public Media Center Captured on Time Lapse – Featured Creator KRCC Radio Station

La construcción del nuevo centro de medios públicos del sur de Colorado captada en un lapso de tiempo: creador destacado de la estación de radio KRCC

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El lapso de tiempo de construcción de la casa de ensueño de una familia se vuelve viral: creador destacado Hive to Home Leiendo La construcción del nuevo centro de medios públicos del sur de Colorado captada en un lapso de tiempo: creador destacado de la estación de radio KRCC 3 minutos Siguiente Construcción de restaurante McDonalds en Arabia Saudita documentada en lapso de tiempo

The newly constructed Southern Colorado Media Center in Colorado Springs is the new home for the KRCC radio station, Rocky Mountain PBS, and the Colorado College Journalism Institute. Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in Colorado and is situated in one of the State’s fastest growing counties. This new Media Center will provide the region with a much needed boost to local media.

We had the opportunity to talk with KRCC Station Manager Jeff Bieri about the big move and renovation.

This move is bittersweet for the KRCC family. They will be saying goodbye to the 120 year old Victorian house that they have called home for the past 30 years. Situated in the heart of the Colorado College campus in downtown Colorado Springs it will be hard to say goodbye to a studio full of history and stories. 


The home of KRCC for the past 30 years (image ©Corey Hutchinson)


At the new Southern Colorado Media Center, KRCC will have access to new technology and resources such as state of the art soundproof studios. The Center will serve as a journalism hub for Colorado Springs and provide infinite collaboration opportunities between KRCC, PBS, and the Colorado College Journalism Institute, that will strengthen local news reporting.



KRCC is a non-commercial public radio station that is member-supported, donations are essential to their operations. Asa part of the capital campaign fundraising effort for the new studio, the KRCC team got a Brinno TLC200Pro time lapse camera. The time lapse footage was used to help keep donors involved in the project and helped to expand the reach of their fundraising campaign.

Using a time lapse camera to capture the construction of their new studio also provided the added bonus of memorializingKRCC’s major move. Big opportunities are on the horizon for KRCC and they have been able to document the 6 month construction of their new studio in a 2minute time lapse.

KRCC plans to move to their new studio later this month. Until then they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Colorado Springs by sharing historical stories with their listeners. 



Learn more about KRCC and the new Southern Colorado Media Center.

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