Chilean Audiovisual Production Company Uses Brinno to Showcase Epic Construction Projects in Santiago – Featured Creator Jorge Weber from Iguana Films

Productora audiovisual chilena utiliza Brinno para exhibir proyectos de construcción épicos en Santiago – Creador destacado Jorge Weber de Iguana Films

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Setting up Brinno time lapse cameras on a construction site in Santiago.

Jorge Weber from Santiago creates advertising videos for various companies and institutions in diverse industries through his company Iguana Films. Recently Jorge started using Brinno cameras to incorporate time lapse in his films. Since implementing Brinno time lapse cameras in his filming arsenal he has received requests from construction companies, real estate agencies, logistics companies, and retail companies to create time lapses of their large-scale projects.

Whimsically named Iguana Films, the company namesake are Jorge’sthree pet iguanas from his adolescence. He wanted a fun and simple name that would also represent him on a personal level. Once Iguana Films came into his mind it stuck and the rest is history.

When Jorge first started using Brinno timelapse he thought it was a great way to innovate his films. He quickly learnt that it was an indispensable tool for documenting construction projects. Timelapse allows people to visualize all the effort, resources, and time that goes into a project. Construction time lapse videos can be used to document the entire project from start to finish in a matter of minutes. These time lapses can then be used by the company in-house during events and for advertising purposes.

Currently Jorge has fourteen BCC2000 timelapse cameras set up at construction sites around Santiago including two residential buildings, a hospital, two distribution centers and a shopping center remodel!

Recently they completed a 6 month project for Activa, a real estate company.



Activa hired Iguana Films to put together a promotional video of a new plaza being built. One of their residential projects incorporated a public plaza that could be enjoyed by all members of the neighborhood, including non-residents of the condo. The video that Jorge put together mixes footage captured on BCC2000 timelapse cameras, still photography, drone, and 2d animations. It’s a great example of the fun that you can have with time lapse footage. 



Jorge’s Top Time Lapse Tips

After all his experience with Brinno time lapse cameras, Jorge has a few tips for others entering the realm of construction time lapse.

  1. Check on the cameras monthly.  
  2. During monthly maintenance visits:
  3. Clean camera lens
  4. Check batteries
  5. Swap SD card for an empty one 
  6. Minimize the final work load by editing while you go throughout the project.   

We look forward to following Jorge’s projects and future time lapse endeavors. To learn more about Jorge and his company Iguana Films check out their website.

Learn more about the BCC2000 and BCC100 time lapse cameras and how Brinno can help you enhance your construction projects.