Brinno: the Top Option for Filming Construction Projects

Brinno: la mejor opción para filmar proyectos de construcción

📍América del Sur/Oceanía_ En los últimos años, el vídeo time-lapse se ha convertido en el medio elegido por constructores y contratistas para monitorear y archivar...

Builder Josh Chapman, with his newly installed Brinno camera at a construction site in New Zealand.


In recent years, time lapse video has become the medium of choice for builders and contractors to monitor and archive construction projects. Figuring out what is the perfect camera to capture your project can seem like a daunting task. You might Google about camera options for you to compare. One thing you might quickly recognize is that cameras like GoPro have a short battery life and need frequent battery changes. They also need post processing in order to convert photos into a time lapse video. The last thing you want is another thing to monitor and worry about outside of the construction site or to create more work for yourself. Josh Chapman, a builder from New Zealand, recently discovered just that while researching time lapse cameras.


While Googling cameras he discovered that people were recommending using cameras designed specifically for construction projects, in part, because of their battery life. And with another quick search, this time focusing on time lapse cameras specifically for construction, Brinno came up.



So what makes Brinno the leading camera option for construction sites around the world? Long lasting battery life is where Brinno’s cameras shine the brightest. Brinno cameras do not require hard wiring and batteries on the BCC100 can last over 80 days using a time interval of 30 min and time setting of 8 hours per day. Their wide selection of time lapse cameras shoot truly professional-quality videos for a fraction of the cost. Installation is easy,100% DIY, and settings like scheduled set-up provides you with easy hands-off jobsite monitoring and archiving. Indoor, outdoor, day or night, Brinno has various models that have HDR and FHD sensors which automatically adjust camera settings to compensate for low light and high contrast scenes. Product accessories such as the weatherproof power housing and the adjustable clamp mount ensure that you are equipped with the right equipment, no matter what sort of project you are filming.

Experience the Brinno difference, with truly set it and forget it cameras that allow you to clearly document a full project in minutes no matter how many days, months or years it takes to complete.


Brinno’s BCC2000 set up on a construction site. No matter the size of your construction job, Brinno has the right camera for you.