Art Director Jacinta Leong Shares Her Time Lapse Techniques

La directora de arte Jacinta Leong comparte sus técnicas de lapso de tiempo

📍Oceania_ Hace unas semanas, Jacinta Leong fue entrevistada en el canal de YouTube de Jasin Boland sobre su experiencia usando time lapse...

Jacinta Leong shows off her TLC2000 camera during an interview with photographer Jasin Boland.


A few weeks ago, Jacinta Leong was interviewed on Jasin Boland’s YouTube channel about her experience using time lapse to document the large scale film sets that she designs for big-budget films in Australia. Jasin is a Nikon ambassador and is also in the Australian film industry as a motion picture still photographer. 

Over the past 10 years, Jacinta has used Brinnotime lapse cameras to document her set designs come to life in some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises including  AlienPacific RimPirates of the Caribbean, and X-men. She originally received a Brinno camera as a gift to document the changes in her garden, but quickly discovered how great they were as professional tools in documenting the construction of her film set designs. 



Jacinta also shared a few tips from her experiences. Her default capture interval is 2 minutes however if set construction extends for longer periods of time then she will increase the interval to 5 minutes. When capturing high-speed processes like painting or spreading soil on the ground, she will use either a 10 or 20 second interval.

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