Have Yourself a Very Brinno Christmas

Que tengas una Navidad muy Brinno

La temporada navideña está sobre nosotros; Se han decorado árboles, se han hecho chocolates calientes y suena música navideña...

The holiday season is upon us; trees have been decorated, hot chocolates have been made, and Christmas music is playing everywhere you go. How do you preserve this holiday season so that you can enjoy it for years to come? Using time lapse to record iconic holiday scenes can help you preserve memories as well as share special moments with loved ones who might not have been able to join you this holiday season.

Decorating for the holidays is a fun activity for the whole family and a short time lapse video can help share holiday joy with friends and family. There is nothing quite like setting up the tree while listening to Christmas music to get you into the holiday spirit. Filming your home decorating skills or even the decorating skills of your citygives you quick and easy content to share on social media.

Christmas crafts are a lot of fun and here in the Brinno office we like to create new and creative projects every year. A few years ago we made a cardboard Christmas tree and posted it to our YouTube page, it has now become one of our top viewed videos! Sharing your eco-alternatives to classic decorations not only helps the planet but also highlights your own creativity to your followers.



Another great opportunity is to use time lapse to capture your office Christmas party! Share all the fun with business partners and customers. Setting up a pan lapse allows you to create fun videos from various angles during the party so that everyone is equally captured! Everyone loves a good party and it makes for good social media content.

Ever think about making a time lapse to capture the falling snow? Every year we hope for a white Christmas though many of us do not get so lucky. Time lapses of snow storms are relaxing and satisfying as you watch them from the comfort of your own home. After a snow storm you might also want to film yourself in the cleanup, even if it is just for bragging rights.

Christmas morning was always very special to us as kids. Setting up a camera down by the tree Christmas eve allows you to capture your children’s first reaction as they wake up to see all of the gifts that Santa brought the night before. Even if your children are all grown up it’s worth setting up a camera to capture their reactions opening gifts and the whole Christmas day activities. Get creative, you can even make a video that combines gift opening, food preparations, and dinner!

There are no rules in time lapse and the holidays offer endless possibilities for creative video making. Nothing in the world compares to the love we receive from friends and family, and preserving that love in time lapse videos creates mementos that can be enjoyed for years to come.