Brinno will announce new Wi-Fi Front Door Camera and Full HD Time Lapse solution at CES 2017

Brinno anunciará la nueva cámara de puerta frontal Wi-Fi y la solución Time Lapse Full HD en CES 2017

El CES llegará pronto. Sabemos que nuestros clientes esperan y están muy entusiasmados con nuestras próximas actualizaciones...
CES 2017 Leiendo Brinno anunciará la nueva cámara de puerta frontal Wi-Fi y la solución Time Lapse Full HD en CES 2017 3 minutos Siguiente Construcción del set de filmación de Hollywood de “San Andreas” documentada por BCC200

The CES is coming soon. We know our customers are looking forward and very excited for our upcoming upgrades. And yes, we will be announcing some major upgrades during the event. We have so many things that we are going to cover inside the show, and of course, we will disclose some brief updates here in the invitation letter. Let’s see what are those.


The SHC Brinno’s home security products.

Home security products are getting more and more popular all around the globe. Our PHV series was the once the game changer of the front door security products. As the first generation as an innovation product, we know there will be a lot of improvements need to apply. This year, 2017, we finally bring down some of the major upgrades and we are very excited to announce them during the event. Here’s some of the major feature keys.

  • Retrofit: It takes only a few minutes, you can easily remodify your door peephole into a Wi-Fi ready version.
  • Stealth: This feature allows you to prevent people from reverse peephole from the other side.
  • Wi-Fi version: This feature allows you to notice who is at your front door anywhere and anytime.
  • Local Storage: It is always good to not pay any extra monthly fees out from your pocket.
  • Action sensor: This feature notifies you if there’s anyone showing up at your front door
  • Battery Powered: No cables required.


Brinno’s time lapse technology.

Time lapse technology is what Brinno is about. As well as our home security products, professional time lapse camera brought Brinno into the game. We promised to bring more and more to make our camera better. And yes, we did, we have done some significant upgrades to many features.

  • Smaller and powerful
  • Full HD resolution.
  • Video recorder.
  • Powerful APP.
  • And more about the APP is coming up.

This year, we will have much more upgrades and updates to talk about in the CES event. So, make sure everyone that are interested to be there participating the event for more details and big announcements, only at CES, Las Vegas


Let’s time lapse the ordinary into extraordinary.

Event info

  • Date:Jan 5-8, 2017
  • Booth:LVCC, South Hall 1, #22009
  • City:Las Vegas, US

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