Secutech Thailand 2017

Secutech Tailandia 2017

PeepHole Camera Pro: Brinno PeepHole Camera Pro gana el PREMIO SMAhome TOP OF EXCELLENCE en Secutech...
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What's new in Secutech Thailand 2017?

  • PeepHole Camera Pro

    Brinno PeepHole Camera Pro wins SMAhome TOP OF EXCELLENCE AWARD at Secutech 2017. Brinno combines its proprietary low power Wi-Fi technology and traditional peephole functions, turning lackluster peephole into smart home camera that fits for both tech-savvy young adults and tech-challenged baby boomers. DIY installation is available in seconds, and it is powered by batteries that last for months.
  • Time Lapse Overwatch Camera

    Earlier this year at CES, advanced user “RICOH” conducted its data collection to the next level by using MAC200DN. Up to 14 months of battery life, cable free, and reliable motion sensor, the camera helps track visitor flow in the exhibition booth for onsite and after event analysis. MAC200DN is also perfect to watch over your properties, indoor or outdoor.
  • Construction Camera Pro

    Brinno’s Time Lapse Camera BCC200 is highly acclaimed by the film industry. The art director of the American disaster feature film “San Andreas” finds a great opportunity to document the special effect set construction behind the scenes by using the Brinno BCC200.

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  • Date: Nov. 16-18, 2017
  • City: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Location: Hall 104, BITEC
  • Booth no.: M38

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