Brinno at SECUTECH 2017 booth 5522

Brinno en el stand 5522 de SECUTECH 2017

En Secutech 2017, Brinno está demostrando avances recientes en productos que incluyen: Cámara Wi-Fi PeepHole...
Secutech 2016 Leiendo Brinno en el stand 5522 de SECUTECH 2017 1 minuto Siguiente Computex 2017

At Secutech 2017, Brinno is demonstrating recent product breakthroughs including:

  • Wi-Fi PeepHole Camera- Your front door peephole will no longer be ordinary. Upgrade it with a bigger display behind and record every important activity. PeepHole Camera Pro is a simple, reliable, and lucid smart visitor log camera. Make your front door intelligently attentive for you.
  • Time Lapse Overwatch Camera- Earlier this year at CES, advanced user “RICOH” conducted its data collection to the next level by using MAC200DN. Up to 14 months of battery life, cable free, and reliable motion sensor, the camera helps track visitor flow. And MAC200DN is perfect for watch over your properties.
  • Construction Camera Pro- Brinno’s Time Lapse Cameras is highly acclaimed by the film industry. The feature film art director of the American disaster film “San Andreas” finds a great opportunity to document behind the scenes by using the BCC200.

To learn more about Brinno and its products please visit us at our Secutech booth at 5522.

Date: 12-14 April, 2017
Location: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

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