BARD Adored by Pet Groomers to Showcase Their Business

BARD adorado por los peluqueros de mascotas para mostrar su negocio

📍Europa / Asia_Hacer que su empresa se destaque de la competencia es algo por lo que todos los propietarios de empresas se esfuerzan a diario. El lapso de tiempo es una herramienta invaluable...

Making your business stand out from your competition is something all business owners strive for on a daily basis. Time-lapse is an invaluable tool that business owners from various industries can use to showcase individual talents and display what sets you apart.

For pet groomers, there is an extra level of detail and care because pet owners want to ensure that their pets are well taken care of. During a grooming service, customers expect their pets to be respected and pampered through the entire process however they aren’t always there to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Two grooming businesses, one in Taiwan and the other in Poland, put our BARD camera kit to the test to see what it could add to their business. Time-lapse proved to be a great asset as the footage provided their clients with a true inside view into their grooming practices.



When the BARD has released the groomers at Poczesane pomerdane in Poland were very excited to get their hands on a kit. They were familiar with Brinno’s construction series and were eager to use it in their salon. The first thing that they noticed was the high quality of the 1080p time-lapse recordings. With the BAC2000 camera, you get a powerful image sensor that provides HDR and FHD ensuring that even in low light or high contrast scenes you will get the perfect shot.


Customers were enthusiastic. I have to admit that they liked it when their dogs were the main actors in our film.


Customers were enthusiastic. I have to admit that they liked it when their dogs were the main actors in our film. Time lapses of services and treatments are great advertisements for your salon. The salon appreciated that the videos could both promote their unique brand and show how they operate. Their customers were also extremely happy to see the pets be actors in the film!


The BARD’s unique creative clamp ensures that filming location and view angle can be quickly changed so that your full attention can be kept on pampering the pet in front of you. For example at GUGU House in Taiwan pets go through bathing, a Jacuzzi bath, drying and a hair trim. All is filmed seamlessly with the help of the clamp.



Brinno customers use time-lapse in a variety of ways including trust-building with customers, business development, community engagement, and social media. Click to learn more about the BARD camera kit!