Brinno Featured in the SICA Construction Review as a Technology Trend Transforming the Construction Landscape

This month the SICA Construction Review showcased Brinno’s unique power as a jobsite monitoring tool for contractors...

Brinno: the Top Option for Filming Construction Projects

In recent years, time lapse video has become the medium of choice for builders and contractors to monitor and archive construction projects. Figuring out what is the perfect camera to capture your project ...

Utilizing Time Lapse Photography Off Camera: Creating A Behind the Scenes Glimpse into the Magical World of Film Production

Telling stories through time lapse photography has been a film convention since the early days of cinema but creating time lapse sequences has traditionally been very difficult and time consuming to ...

價值2000萬 便當工廠偷排廢水被Brinno縮時攝影機抓包

高雄市環保局查獲便當工廠,偷排事業廢水污染鳳山溪,在現場架設Brinno縮時攝影機 (MAC200DN),進行長達一周的蒐證

End of Life Notifications

Brinno Inc. announces the manufacturing discontinue and End of Life (EOL) for below models. Within the effective warranty period, Brinno Inc. is committed to continue providing comprehensive after-sales service and technical support.