Osaka City Museum of Fine Art x National Palace Museum Exhibit Installation Captured on Time Lapse

With most international travel off the table for the near future everyone is looking for new ways to fill the travel shaped hole in their hearts. The National Palace Museum in Taipei has kept those feelings in mind while planning their activities for 2021.

Most recently they put together an incredible exhibit in collaboration with the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts. This is not only the first time that they have put together a large-scale exhibit that features borrowed works of art but it is also the first time the Osaka museum has collaborated with a museum in Taiwan.

Named HiddenGems, this exhibit has something for everyone and showcases a mix of works from both the National Palace Museum’s collection and the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts. Everyone from scholars to regular admirers of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy will appreciate the pieces featured in the exhibit. There are 40 pieces on loan from Osaka that span across numerous Chinese dynasties.


Osaka’s collection is considered by many museums and private collectors around the world to be the missing pieces to their collections.  The pieces were donated to the Osaka City Museum of Fine Art in 1943 by the son of prolific Japanese collector Kojiro Abe (1868-1937). Hidden Gems provides a unique opportunity to see Kojiro Abe’s collection in all its glory surrounded by equally significant pieces from the National Palace Museum.

Designed by Singaporean design company SPACELogic, this exhibit provides visitors with an immersive viewing experience. In order to capture the full essence of the Hidden Gems Exhibit, multiple Brinno TLC2020 cameras were installed throughout the space to document the exhibit installation.

This is the fourth time the National Palace Museum has used Brinno time lapse cameras to document their exhibit installation. Last year, a TLC2020 time lapse camera was used to capture the installation of their Khubilghan Exhibit