Content Creator Spotlight – Industrial Photographer Bogdan Dumitru

Bogdan Dumitru is a Romanian industrial photographer who lives in Constanța. He has been working in this field for 5years, starting with his first drone the Phantom 2. His work has been featured on the BBC......

Announcement - Activities you can do in self-isolation

The COVID-19 virus situation is continuing to evolve on a daily basis. Many of our customers have lost their normalcy and are currently self-isolating at home......

Brinno Severs Ties with

Brinno has severed all its ties with and they are no longer an authorized reseller of Brinno products.

End of Life Notifications

Brinno Inc. announces the manufacturing discontinue and End of Life (EOL) for below models. Within the effective warranty period, Brinno Inc. is committed to continue providing comprehensive after-sales service and technical support.

USA Buyers Be Aware!

There are unauthorized retailers selling Brinno Products on Amazon Marketplace in the USA. These products are not purchased through Brinno channels and may not be covered by Brinno's warranty in America.