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Optimize your video content

Optimize your video content

Though Brinno time lapse videos are automatically processed and ready to view and share, there are a few things that you can do to enhance your videos. We encourage customers get creative and look at time lapse as a way to spark creativity. There is no right or wrong way to make a time lapse, do whatever suits your needs and time constraints.

Use multiple cameras

Your construction project is not 2D. Adding multiple cameras on site allows you to capture a more in-depth vision of the construction process. Provide an outside view while also showing developments in individual rooms. Highlight the diverse work done by different trades and create a true to life documentation of the construction project from start to finish.

Play around with time intervals

The time interval you use will depend on the length of project and in some cases the level of detail you want to document. Though for longer construction projects (3+ months) we generally recommend to use a time interval of 5 minutes, sometimes it’s good to switch it up. Feel free to experiment with shorter intervals like 30 seconds during early stages such as the groundbreaking and framing. Later when visual changes slow down try slowing down the capture interval to our standard of 1 or 5 minutes.

Add drone footage

There is nothing more epic than adding flyover footage of your project. A bird’s-eye view can increase the grandness of your project and allow you to feature the surrounding environment. A little drone footage can up the quality of your video and is a low effort way to make them look more professional.

Use simple editing software to create polished videos

Bring your time lapse videos to the next level with a little editing. Create a title sequence, highlight important parts, add music, and even include interview clips. An edited video will provide you with more engaging video content that can be shared as promotional material on social media. No need for anything fancy, a little editing goes a long way.

Have fun with it

Lastly, time lapse doesn’t have to be serious business. Experiment and play around with your camera, find what works best for you. Share your time lapse creations with the Brinno family using #brinno.