“San Andreas” Hollywood Film Set Construction Documented By BCC200

Recently Brinno’s Time Lapse Cameras have been gaining recognition and popularity among film industry professionals.

加州大地震特效場景 Brinno縮時全紀錄

還記得2015年上映的San Andreas ( 加州大地震) 嗎? 這部全球票房達4.7億美金的好萊塢3D災難片,劇組特地移師至澳洲威秀製片廠 (Village Roadshow Studio)進行主要場景的特效實景搭建。為了紀錄這些不為人知的辛苦幕後工程,劇組特地在製片廠架設了5台Brinno BCC200 建築專用縮時相機進行縮時攝影紀錄,並在2017年初發布在YouTube影音平台。

Brinno will announce new Wi-Fi Front Door Camera and Full HD Time Lapse solution at CES 2017

The CES is coming soon. We know our customers are looking forward and very excited for our upcoming upgrades. And yes, we will be announcing some major upgrades during the event. We have so many things that we are going to cover inside the show, and of course, we will disclose some brief updates here in the invitation letter. Let’s see what are those.

《幕後直擊》Brinno 參與《透視內幕:台北舊城區復興運動》忠孝橋引道拆除縮時片段拍攝

從2015年底開始,Brinno很低調地與國家地理頻道合作,協助紀錄片 《透視內幕- 台北舊城區復興運動》的忠孝橋引道拆除縮時攝影,完整紀錄片即將於7/3本周日晚上9點全球首播,邀請各位朋友一同來見證台北城的風華歷史。