Beautiful nCaved Project in Greece Captured Using BCC200 Cameras

Beautiful nCaved Project in Greece Captured Using BCC200 Cameras

📍Europe_At the end of 2020, Mold Architects, an architecture firm based in Athens completed...
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At the end of 2020, Mold Architects, an architecture firm based in Athens completed a gorgeous private residence overlooking the sea on Serifos Island in Greece. We had the pleasure of talking with Iliana Kerestezi, the lead architect behind the nCaved project, and getting to learn more about her process as a creator and her use of time lapse.


“We find the process of building fascinating, [especially] when it comes to an underground structure which aims to restore the natural landscape and produce a minimized building footprint.”

-        Iliana Kerestezi   - Architect and owner at Mold Architects in Greece


The entire project was captured using three BCC200 cameras and showcases the construction from various angles throughout. Iliana’s unique design balances minimalist and brutalist architectural styles. Built directly into a cliff, it is a protected shelter overlooking a secluded cove. Materials were chosen with special attention to match the environment, allowing the house to integrate into the landscape while also maintaining a dynamic presence.


image © YiorgisYerolymbos


Taking advantage of its natural environment, the house is naturally cooled by northerly winds and large windows allow sunlight to light up living spaces. A secret in-between space behind the living room allows access to the natural cliff rock, creating the perfect conditions for a wine cellar.

Before choosing to use Brinno cameras to capture the construction, Iliana considered GoPro but ultimately went with the BCC200 because ofBrinno’s specialization in time lapse. She quickly discovered that BCC200 cameras are more heavy-duty than other cameras and built for an outdoor construction environment. Lastly, the BCC200’s long lasting battery and recommendations from colleagues sealed the deal.


Iliana recommends using more than two cameras at once to fully capture a home construction. With multiple filming angles she believes you are able to create a more dynamic time lapse video of the entire process. Particularly interesting parts of the construction can be showcased from viewpoints and help the viewer appreciate all the hard work that goes into bringing a design off paper and into reality. 

To learn more about the nCaved project check out the article on the Amazing Architectures website. Learn more about Iliana and her team at Mold Architects and check out their other projects as well as their many publication features.