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USER MANUAL English Version 2019/02/01
USER MANUAL for Wi-Fi Setup English Version 2019/02/01
QUICK GUIDE Brinno DUO Quick Guide UN A1 2019/02/01
SALE DOCUMENT Brinno Duo Brochure 2019/02/01

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Smartphone OS:Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 or later

App Setup Manual

Learn what to do if you need to set up app on your smartphone.

App User Account / Wi-Fi Password Format

Please follow the rules below for user account and Wi-Fi password.

Open the APP on web page in Chrome

To use this on your mobile device or computer, open this web page in Chrome



Brinno DUO unboxing video

Introducing video (full version)

Introducing video(30s version)

Introducing video(15s version A)

Introducing video(15s version B)