Find Out Why Thousands of People Are Using Brinno Time Lapse to Document the Construction of their Dream Home

Do you have a dream to build your own house one day? Building a house is a monumental and unforgettable life step worth commemorating. How do you document such a long and complicated process in a way that honors the time and...

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Where has 2019 gone? We spend half the year complaining about how slow the year is going by but then by the midway mark months seem to turn into weeklong periods


不養工廠照樣彈性換產線,營收逆勢成長37% 攤開台灣上市櫃公司前三季營收成長數字,縮時攝影品牌大廠邑錡以37%的年成長率,居榜單前段班…



Brinno Featured in the SICA Construction Review as a Technology Trend Transforming the Construction Landscape

This month the SICA Construction Review showcased Brinno’s unique power as a jobsite monitoring tool for contractors...