Cooking at Home

Cooking at Home

Recently many of us have been getting back into cooking. With lots of time on our hands and the promise of a cheaper...

Recently many of us have been getting back into cooking. With lots of time on our hands and the promise of a cheaper, healthier meal, cooking has become a meditative escape. Hopefully we can provide you with some cooking inspiration that you can take back and use in your kitchens tonight!



Indulging in comfort foods, particularly foods from our childhood have helped us stay grounded while also providing a much needed dose of nostalgia for the good old days when we could go outside. This is a very simple slow cook recipe that also freezes really well. Cook a huge pot and freeze some for later dinners. Don’t be afraid to improvise with vegetables from your fridge that you are trying to use up like celery or bell peppers! If you can’t find beef broth, chicken broth also works well.



Sweet and Savory Glazed Fish with Barley and Snow Peas

After being in a bit of a kitchen rut, we decided to start playing around with different sauces and flavors! Crushed red pepper flakes, miso paste, and maple syrup have been frequent guests in our meals. This tilapia recipe provides a unique balance of flavors while also providing some light spiciness. Feeling like this might quickly become a staple!



SuperwomenConquer Dinner

Documenting yourself making dinner is a great way to share new recipes with friends and family members that you haven’t been able to see recently. Watch as one mum cooks a 7 dish meal for her family with fish, soup, and stir fried vegetables. This time lapse has us drooling and hoping for a dinner invite once things go back to normal! 




After dinner comes dessert! We’ve been participating in the dalgona coffee craze and drinking them at every chance. Easy to make, just requiring instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk, it’s the perfect after dinner treat. If you’re too lazy to stir the coffee by hand, an electric whisk can be used to speed up the process. Otherwise you will be stirring for almost 10 minutes! Filming with time lapse shows the gradual thickening process - from a paste to a whipped creamy consistency. Watch as it becomes ready to be enjoyed with milk. Yum!



Cooking with Time Lapse

When cooking at home we recommend using fast time intervals like ASAP or 3 seconds. The faster the interval, the more details you will get in your video. Get creative with your filming angles, give a bird’s eye view of your kitchen, a close up on your cutting board, or capture your cooking process on the stove.

If you give the current sourdough craze a try and create a starter we recommend using a slower time intervals like 1minute because you will be filming for a longer time period. Sourdough starters make great time lapses! Watch your bread come alive as it bubbles and grows.



Cooking in the Kitchen

CaptureMode: Timelapse

CaptureInterval: ASAP, 3 or 5 seconds

Scene: Day or Twilight – depending on your filming environment brightness



CaptureMode: Timelapse

CaptureInterval: 30 seconds or 1 minute  

Scene: Day or twilight – depending on your filming environment brightness


Yum! All this talk of food has us hungry.


What sort of meals have you been making while in self-isolation? Make sure you share your videos with #brinno or#selfisolatewithbrinno.