Join the beneath-ground-digging journey with Gold’s Concrete interview

Join the beneath-ground-digging journey with Gold’s Concrete interview

📍North America_ For many homeowners, the basement plays an important role in the daily life of its ....

For many homeowners, the basement plays an important role in the daily life of its occupants. It’s important to have extra storage space as well as a place for the family to hang out together, or in some circumstances, rent out to create extra income.   A finished basement, however constructed, adds extra value to the property. Recently, a basement dig-out time lapse video went viral and hit around 600k view numbers. The widely viewed video reveals how a basement is formed from start to finish.



The video was created and posted on YouTube by Gold’s Concrete, a company based out of Denver, Colorado, USA.  Gold’s Concrete specializes in structural concrete, dig-outs, foundations and flatwork. Knowing that basement construction was something everybody understood conceptually but didn't quite know how it was actually done, Gold’s Concrete decided to take advantage of Brinno’s superior time lapse technology.  Gold's Concrete Brinno time lapse cameras to demonstrate their construction projects progress from start to finish.  Time lapse videos consist of individual camera stills that are strung together to create a video based on how often a photo is taken.  One of the benefits of time lapse video is how easy it is to show long construction projects, 5 months in this case (from start to finish) in just a few minutes. The construction time lapse video went viral and showed Gold’s Concrete expertise in dig-out projects.


Compared to commonly seen construction time lapse videos that show the gradual building process from afar, Gold’s Concrete basement dig-out video is more detailed because of the smaller space it occupies.  Many DIY’ers think that they can tackle any home improvement project but a job such as the one Gold’s Concrete has completed in the video requires a very sophisticated skillset, as they’re dealing with the foundation of the home as well as walls, floors, plumbing etc.

Thorough explanation of basement excavation strategy

We spoke with Sage, the person responsible for Gold’s Concrete PR and Marketing. We talked about what kind of challenges and problems they are facing right now. It’s certainly enjoyable to realize how time lapse cameras could play such an enormous role in the construction business.


“Thanks to the most quality time lapse camera built by Brinno we’ve experienced and the enjoyable time lapse video of basement excavation progress, our email box had already blown up with people asking for our services across the country.”

- Gold’s Concrete 

Team photo of Gold’s Concrete


1. Tell us more about this project.

This project was one of our biggest digouts to date which was a 1,600 sqft dig. Whereas we generally do 800-900 square foot jobs. So it’s almost double the usual workload. Something special that we want the audience to pay attention to is the scale of this particular project. It's really hard to emphasize just how much dirt is excavated on these jobs, especially by hand! By the end of each project we end up with a dirt pile almost entirely the same size as the pre-existing home.

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Witness how much dirt were excavated from the basement

2. Why do you want to use time lapse cameras as part of your promotional materials?

We realized that this kind of project isn’t showcased all too often to the general public. With this in mind we thought it would be a great idea to bring more attention and understanding of what dig-outs are by using time lapse cameras to make time lapse videos. Time lapse videos make it easy to watch and understand what a dig-out project entails from start to finish and also highlights important moments and steps in the process.


3. What’s the biggest challenge you have encountered on a dig-out project?

We have to be very smart and particular in the way we begin the dig-out process to maximize our space available for things like logistics and storage inside the basement. Some basement spaces are bigger than others but some can be a tight squeeze and we have to work creatively around maximizing the space we have.  Like with anything, the more space we have the faster we can work.  The more crew members we can have on any given job, has a direct effect on our turnaround time. To better explain the challenge, what we are looking for during this process is creating a large open staging area in which there’s room for 3+ crew members to move around efficiently without getting in each other's way. Once this little staging area has been excavated we move on to tunneling and expanding in all directions to increase the amount of space as much as we can for storage and better moving room. That's definitely the largest challenge with these dig-outs.


4. Why did you choose Brinno as your time lapse camera instead of other brands?

We have dabbled with using other brands in the time lapse space to film our videos, but nothing matched the standards that the Brinno Cameras were able to set. A few great examples of this are the incredible battery life that the camera provided us.  The amazing viewing angles of the camera that enabled us to capture almost the entire job with just one camera.  And just as important, the ease of use when it comes to recording. Brinno provides some of the most quality time lapse cameras we’ve used to date and we can say that they have saved us countless headaches and stress that usually comes with the filming proc

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5. Did it bring any extra attention to your business after this video?

After posting this video our email blew up with requests from all over the country if we did work in their area or if we knew of anyone who did. It was really amazing to see. This video did a great job of putting our business out to the world and turning some heads to this style of work. Most of our comments were people saying how they didn’t know this kind of work was possible.


Check out Gold’s Concrete website and YouTube channel to find out more interesting projects!