Interview with Harvey Leach and Bob Hergert on their Incredible Work Creating the One of a Kind Sistine Chapel Guitar

Harvey Leach a luthier and Bob Hergert a scrimshaw artist are both considered among the finest artists in their respected fields. They have collaborated on a number of projects together throughout the years including the 1.5 millionths Martin acoustic guitar that is adorned with the art of Leonardo DaVinci and valued at over 1 million USD.


Customers are fascinated by the process of building musical instruments and because there are so many great choices these days the decision of which builder to choose often comes down to getting to know them. The best way to get to know a craftsman is to watch them work.

-         Harvey Leach


Since October they have been collaborating on a Sistine Chapelinspired guitar for a collector who wanted to find a way to combine his two passions, guitars, and church. Their detailed work was captured using BrinnoBARD cameras and even though they were 500 miles apart, the cameras allowed them to compress two months’ work into a short video that gave the appearance that they were working in the same room.



We did a short interview with Harvey and Bob to learn more about their unique artistic backgrounds and professional experience.